ECHOgram for Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why Pray for Israel?

Many ask “Why pray for Israel?” This question is answered below through excerpts of a recent prophetic Word received from the Lord.

Based on these reasons, pray accordingly for Israel:
  1. God has promised a blessing for praying for the nation of Israel for it is written, “through Israel all nations of the earth will be blessed and I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee” (Genesis 12:3)-all of which is in effect today!
  2. Salvation came through the loins of Abraham, father and lineage of Israel.  Israel received and kept alive all the Covenants, the Torah and the Oracles of God whereupon Christianity is founded, anchored and established. And it is through Israel that our Deliverer and Redeemer, Messiah and Reconciler to God has come.
  3. When, we the Church, who are of the righteous seed of Abraham by faith, become steadfast and consistently support Israel in prayer as God intended, we will be blessed with the double blessing of born again Christians.  When we received God’s Spirit we became the children of Abraham and the heirs of God by faith, thereby becoming joint-heirs of God through Jesus our Lord and Savior (Romans 8:17).
  4. The unrighteousness of some does not annul the righteousness of God and the Covenant He made to Abraham and to the faithful and obedient who walk in the statutes of God and obey His Holy commandments.
  5. So, could it be that if we, as the Church and as intercessors, would focus our prayers on the restoration and reconciliation of the nation of Israel back to God, that perhaps, God would heal and restore  and reconcile the land of America back to Himself.  Maybe God would raise up a righteous seed as a result of us praying that would turn the hearts of Americans back to their former commitment to God and obedience to His laws/statutes.
  6. If we, the Church, would bless Israel by reaching out to and praying for the Jewish people, blessing them, surely God would bless us and heal our land by granting us repentance and forgiveness of our backsliding, idolatry and sins.
  7. If we indeed hold and esteem our once great nation so dearly, then we indeed must be faithful to the cause of Israel to bless her because God is not going to bless a country or nation that does not bless and support His chosen nation Israel.
  8. The greatest prayer that we could pray for America is that God would humble her, bring her to repentance, have mercy and forgive her by granting her repentance and that she indeed would repent and turn from her idolatrous, and wicked ways; and in her turning, bless and support Israel so that the Abrahamic blessing, the blessing of God would again rest upon America.  And that America would once again pledge her allegiance to God and be God’s land a blessed land, the land of the free and the home of the brave!
Frances Blaize
Oak Creek, Wisconsin