ECHOgram for Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Who is “That God”?

In Daniel, chapter 5, there is a phrase that has arrested my attention; it is when the king asked the three Hebrews, “Who is That God” that shall deliver you out of my hand? It would be easy to discuss the call to compromise, to grapple with the difficulty of Daniel’s helplessness or the danger of disobeying the king’s command. But the real focus of our attention should be upon the King who was so sure that His hand was stronger than the one he had never seen in action.

So many in our day have seen what man’s hand has been able to accomplish with limited ability and strength. But when faith was placed in the fire, the fire became a platform to reveal the presence of “That God” who was able deliver His faithful ones in the fire, through the fire, and after the fire.

When we take time to ponder how we should pray for those in times of crisis, perhaps these points can be taken from the 5th chapter of Daniel to guide us.


  • what they believe about “That God’s” delivering power will become stronger.
  • they will have the courage to stand for “That God,” when others fall away.
  • their confidence will not be in the circumstance, or the outcome, but in “That God.”
  • they will believe “That God” was with them in the crowd, in front of the King and that He will not forsake them in the fire.
  • they will know when they stand up for “That God”, He will not only stand up for them, but he will stand with them.
  • for them to know it is their unwavering faith in “That God” that sustained them and brought the victory.
  • they will be able to see those who opposed them and that their total trust in “That God,” will cause them to confess that “This God” is the only one that can deliver from the hands of men.

Wilson Hudson
West Virginia District