ECHOgram for Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Unconditionally Committed

There is an urgent voice calling God’s people to totally submit to Him.  In the times that we live, there are distractions that hinder those with good intentions from surrendering our all to the Lord.  In surrendering ALL to God, He will do His supernatural miraculous works among us that we cannot even think or imagine.  We are not waiting on God for revival, God is waiting on us.

  1. Pray for a spirit of sacrifice to prevail in the hearts of God’s people.
  2. Pray for a revival of complete surrender of self to God.
  3. Bind any distractions that hinder total submission to God.
  4. Loose the spirit of giving time, finances, and efforts to the work of the Lord.
  5. Pray that the “altar” is resurrected in the home.
  6. Pray for the spirit to be “unconditionally committed” to God and to consume every child of God.
  7. Pray that a passion for God’s Word, His presence, and to do His will, will consume the children of God.

God bless you.
Esther Hunt
South Texas District