ECHOgram for Tuesday, January 29, 2016

They Esteemed Him Not

Isaiah 53:3 declares how Jesus was not esteemed. “They esteemed Him not” so that He could esteem you one day in your battles of the mind. Moses esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the wealth of Egypt! So how do you esteem yourself under circumstances of impossibilities? How do you esteem God’s Word under heavy pressure and burdens of the family, job, and ministry? Self-esteem and self-perception go together, and you can seek healthy self-esteem and self-perception through God’s Word, Godly fear, worship, and how you think, talk, and act. Jesus can be touched by the feelings of your infirmities today. So you can walk in the newness of self-esteem according to the high value He has placed on your soul.
  1. God reveals to his leaders of the local church and missionaries His end-time wisdom and strategies for revival and warfare.
  2. husbands lead in the home from the position of servant hood (gentleness and tenderness) and God’s esteem for their families and their ministries in the local church.
  3. women would find their esteem in God’s Word and not just in relationships alone.
  4. our children have power encounters with God’s Spirit and Word to shape their self-esteem.
Pastor Don Rogers
Wisconsin District