ECHOgram for Tuesday, January 1, 2016

The Passion for Prayer

“For the Lord thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God” (Deuteronomy 4:24).
The passion of prayer consists of three important ingredients which make up the spirit of prayer:
  1. Activating a passion for God’s presence
  2. Igniting a passion for people who are lost
  3. Demonstrating a passion for the people of God
The passion and spirit of prayer should always include a passion for the presence of Jesus…crying and reaching for His presence to be manifested with intensity of worship in our families and in the local church.  We should seek for God’s presence to be pervasive and compelling with conviction among the saints. Men and women should hunger for Apostolic holiness living and thirst for revelatory Word in the local church. The passion for His presence must be manifested in our pulpits and song services. It must be manifested in our Sunday school classes and bus routes. Read Psalm 42:1.
Passion for God’s presence. This is to desire (through prayer) an increased intensity of Ezekiel’s waters in the temple…moving from ankle-high, to knee-high, to waist-high. So we ultimately are swimming in His passion. This tangible passion combats carnality, politics, and worldliness in the church. It destroys demonic yokes in our congregations. It produces unity and a flowing harmony among the people.
Passion for people who are lost. This is the true spirit of prayer, that God would increase our passion for loving and winning people. Exodus 32:32 shows amazing passion for people. The spirit of prayer is God increasing our burden and pain tolerance for lost souls who come into our churches with heavy baggage from sin.
Passion for the people of God. Paul said, my little children who I travail in pain and prayer until Christ be formed in you. The spirit of prayer is God increasing our passion for enduring and longsuffering one for another in the local church. It means to tangibly receive a fresh love and healing wounds for God’s people so you can continue to love them in spite of their past.  This kind of passion is contagious among the people. The saints will see and witness this kind of passion and bring healing and security to them in the local church.
  • God would saturate the local pastor with fresh fire and renewing of the presence of God, in which he/she seeks this more than the work of God.
  • for a fresh presence on the minister’s mate and children.
  • for the passion of God’s presence upon our missionaries worldwide.
  • for Godly passion to be manifested in our local churches…in our preaching and singing, in which churches do not go through the motions. Pray visitors are spirit-filled, healed and delivered in our services.
  • Pray for the saints to experience fresh passion that produces more unity in leadership and holiness living in the local churches.
  • Pray for the passion of God’s presence to manifest so strong that He gives wisdom and counsel to the local pastor so he/she is not fighting in their intellect to solve matters.
  • for the passion of God’s presence to draw visitors and backslider to our churches.
  • for the spirit of prayer to sweep through our church leadership in the local church, where the vision of the pastor is being carried as God leads.
Pastor Don Rogers                                                                               
District Prayer Coordinator
Wisconsin District