ECHOgram for Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Lion of Judah
(Revelation 5:5)

The word “Praise” finds its root in Judah. Since Jesus come from the tribe of Judah all of our praise is directed like a lion to Him! Too often praise is overlooked as less significant than our act of worshipping God. Yet praise brings our carnality under subjection. It lifts the atmosphere from carnality and spirits hiding behind our attitudes.
Praise reflects the surrendering of our will and emotions unto a Holy God so we can experience real worship before His face. So when we praise Him from a surrendering heart we no longer offer up faithless meaningless words in the formality of congregational song services. Our praise in faith causes God’s presence to pour out His affection on us through worship.
Worshipping the Lord is estimating His greatness, and praise is proclamating and articulating what He has done for us. You can worship God sitting down and meditating, but to praise the Lord requires us to articulate with our mouths, our hands, and our feet, and even our love for Him.
Worship estimates and praise articulates. Praise is giving God OUR affection. Worship is God giving us HIS affection. Praise matures our love so we can experience His love in worship. Praise prepares God’s Spirit to flow through us. We need to step out into Judah today!
Why is Praise so Important to You?
  • Jesus will judge your soul after death!
  • Jesus loved you in the worst of times when other people did not!
  • Jesus is supreme over all other gods, demons, sickness and disease!
  • Jesus is the only one who conquered sin, death, and the grave at Calvary. Nobody else was qualified to do this.
  • Jesus is Holy; His presence is to be feared at all times by the expression of our praise.
  • The Devil wants to kill or suppress our praise because then our worship will become perverted and anemic. God cannot inhabit an atmosphere properly without His people offering up the sacrifice of praise!
Read Deuteronomy 10:21; Exodus 15:11; I Chronicles 16:25; Psalm 18:3, 56:4, 100:1-5, 109:30.
  • for our churches to have a fresh move of praise in their services for God’s pervasive presence to operate.
  • that our leaders find time for renewal in the real presence of praise for personal transformation.
  • that our youth and children experience power encounterings with praise for new apostolic memorials.
  • that apostolic praise spills outside of our church walls into our communities for the glory of the name of Jesus!
  • for apostolic praise to infect our apostolic preaching for apostolic results.
Don Rogers
Wisconsin District