ECHOgram for Tuesday, January 13, 2017

The Great Commission


Matthew 28:18-19
The last words of Jesus to the disciples were to spread the born-again message to the entire world. This discourse is where we get our purpose for existing. You were not allowed to be born on earth just to take up space and consume all of the earth’s natural resources in a self-centered way. Jesus tells us in Matthew 28:19 what our values, priorities and purpose should consist of:
  • Spread the born-again message throughout the world.
  • Practice and perfect the love of Jesus Christ relationally and occupy until He returns.
  • Take a stance against evil.
These are our three purposes for life. The church is a soul saving and maintenance station exclusively for Jesus Christ.
Strategic Prayer:
  1. To grow and embrace this “Jesus love” specifically into my personality, my values and daily priorities because faith worketh by love. I desire this kind of biblical love to empower me relationally with marriage, family, saints and lost souls. That this love is fueled only by the power of the Word and Spirit of Jesus and no other human goodness.  For the specific sake of saving others and nurturing the saved. Help me run to You when hit hard in trials. Teach me to trust You in these times.
  2. I declare authority over any and all seducing spirits seeking to derail me from the Great Commission. Help me, oh God, to keep my focus on the prize of the high calling of this Great Commission and to not squander my time and resources on the wrong priorities.  Help me to be soul conscience at all times.
  3. I claim apostolic boldness against attacks on Your Word and holiness living. That You might find me faithful when You return. That I might learn to rejoice when persecution from secular humanism rises when defending Your Name and Your mission.
  4. God, give me a large heart so I can have a large impact on souls like the woman who washed Your feet with her extravagant love.
    • Hell is real and we cannot forget the urgency to keep eternity in front of us!
    • God’s love for us is unconditional and very real – we have a mandate from His Word to show this love to others in a relational way.
    • God will not multiply a loveless church.
Pastor Don Rogers
Wisconsin District Prayer Coordinator
*Excerpts from the ministry article “The Great Commission.”