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The Bed, the Cross, and the Field

I. The Bed
  • This is the palanquin bed of Solomon. It is the private quiet place of your daily prayer life seeking to be recharged in God’s love for you.
  • A place to renew our love for Jesus.
  • Where we renew our minds in His love by His Word and Spirit.
  • We experience knowing Him in His character and nature by the Word in daily prayer.
  • Our mind and will and emotions experience intimacy with Jesus.
II. The Cross 
  • A place and mindset that we are driven to because of the palanquin bed of prayer.
  • Where His love compels us to crucify the flesh.
  • You deny yourself of seductive and harmful appetites because of His love towards you.
  • You willingly choose to inconvenience yourself for kingdom business because of His compelling love and grace towards you.
  • You give sacrificially at the cross because of His love towards you.
  • Without the bed and the cross we have little strength and no real power to reproduce ourselves.
  • God gave us the bed and the cross specifically to apply to the field.
III. The Field (Harvest)
  • You reach for the lost every day because of the cross and the bed…
  • You must reproduce yourself in others because of the cross and the palanquin bed.
  • The cross and the bed empower you to be motivated to reach hurting and lost people.
  • The field is your time mentoring and discipling others specifically in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  •  If you try to reach the harvest field without the cross and the bed, you are operating with little to no power in the Spirit to see lives converted from their sin nature.
In order to fulfill the great commission you must have the bed, the cross and the field in your life. As Thanksgiving approaches and many people will offer thanks for a natural harvest in the field, pray that we all pursue a Spiritual harvest in the field. Pray that we all have the Bed, the Cross and the Field in our lives. Amen.
Pastor Don Rogers
The Pentecostals of Wisconsin
Wisconsin District Prayer Coordinator