ECHOgram for Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Seeking the Face of God

We are given the privilege and summons to boldly come before God’s throne in personal intimacy with Jesus Christ! (Ezekiel 1:10, Hebrews 4:16)
The invitation by God for you is based on two principles.
The first principle is to come and seek His face – His intimate character,and the second is to come and seek His mercy – His kingdom power and authority:
  • Ezekiel describes the face of God in four manifestations that reveal how to boldly come before His throne to seek intimacy and answers: 1) The face of a man; 2) The face of a lion; 3) The face of an eagle; 4) and the face of an ox.
  • This illustration reveals the seeking of the face of Jesus Christ through consecration. Many theologians teach a historic and Hebraic text concerning the four faces of God.
  • For the sake of prayer I want to share what these four faces also represent when it comes to boldly seeking the face and character of Christ with intimacy.
1)  The face of the man – Represents our humanity’s carnal will and its need for daily repentance. For without repentance mixed with the brazen altar and intimacy we cannot experience the Biblical results for seeking God’s face.
2)  The face of the lion- Represents the praise of Judah, the tribe which Jesus is from. Praise is the proclamation/articulation of our love for God with our mouths and body. Praise is surrendering our spirit and will, moving carnality out the way.
3) The face of an eagle – Represents our worship. Praise is our proclamation of God’s greatness, but worship is our estimation of God’s love for who He is, in character. Worship evolves from our praise.
4) The face of the ox – Represents intercessory prayer. This is hard work like an ox plowing before the planter. The ox of intercession digs and works as a vessel for God’s Spirit to flow through for standing in the gap for others.
These four faces make up seeking the singular face of Jesus, with boldness to obtain mercy and kingdom power and authority. We will experience His intimate love for character change with answers when we seek Him for these four dimensions of prayer: repentance, praise, worship, and intercession.
  1. that pastors and leaders model and demonstrate seeking God’s face for their homes and congregations. Pray the leaders weep before the porch and the altar.
  2. that our local churches seek to expand new preaching points and experience breakthroughs in all four areas for new territory and harvest fields, so outreach methods will always remain apostolic, and direction will come with a divine voice of clarity.
  3. for fresh preaching in our apostolic pulpits that would come from the four areas of seeking God’s face, and would ignite the fruit and gifts of the Spirit, with signs/wonders.
  4. that our local church prayer meetings experience the boldness of faith in these four areas, including going outside of our buildings to reach the lost.
  5. for a great move of apostolic giving for the kingdom of God and global missions.
Don Rogers
Wisconsin District