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Praying for Israel

Why would Ruth want to stay with Naomi? Naomi was a widow, and now, childless. She was alone, destitute and in a famine. Why would she say; “thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God”? Naomi had no apparent blessings in her life.  Naomi must have possessed an incredible amount of God’s presence, peace and confidence in God in order for Ruth to want to abide with her.
Once Ruth (a Gentile) aligned herself with Naomi (a Jew), and she gleaned in the fields, some grain (harvest) was left to her on purpose. When Boaz, her kinsman redeemer, married her, she was given the fields (full harvest).
Could it be that when we intercede for Israel and align ourselves as allies, that we can expect our kinsman redeemer, Jesus, to give us the harvest fields?
As we watch antisemitism rise around the world, I encourage you to fervently pray for the nation of Israel and its people!
  • That the nation of Israel and the U.S. would be divinely protected and that no weapon formed against us would prosper.
  • That any nation rising against Israel and the U.S. would have their own devises turned against them as was done to Haman in the book of Esther.
  • That the flow of money going to the enemies of Israel and the U.S. would cease.
  • That every plan and plot of the enemy would be made known before it can bring destruction.
  • That all of the heads of state and government in the U.S. and Israel would be protected from terrorist activity, assassination plots and wicked schemes.
  • That the borders of the U.S. and Israel would have supernatural protection against the importation of drugs, weapons, dirty bombs and terrorist groups.
Kathie Wellman
Cooper City, Florida