ECHOgram for Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prayer for the Apostolic Conference

The Apostolic Conference will convene at “Parkway Church” in Madison, Mississippi on August 17-19, 2016, hosted by pastors Jerry Dillon and Jason Dillon. The event ministry’s vision is to mainly impact and impart to North American missionaries (church planters), both spiritually and naturally, by equipping them with multiple resources designed for overall ministry success as they fulfill the call of God and reach the harvest in their perspective fields of labor. The event theme is “The Power of ONE“.  Nearly 100 church planter families will be gathering from across North America and Canada. Join with us in prayer for these “heroes of faith” and for the upcoming conference, in the endeavor to make a greater difference, while bearing the banner “One World, One Mission, One Message.”
  • for all of the conference speakers on the agenda. Pray for God’s anointing upon each.
  • for all in attendance to be greatly ministered to, be further equipped, and to truly activate “the Power of One” in God’s kingdom. Pray that God is glorified and His will be done.
  • that there will be a glorious manifestation of the presence and power of God and the miraculous, along with a sweeping move of the Holy Ghost in the midst of the assembly.
  • that every church planter would leave the conference with a renewed burden and vision, being more passionately motivated to reach the lost. Pray that many people be powerfully ministered to, via live-stream at
  • for the host church and pastors (Jerry Dillon and Jason Dillon) and their families. Pray God would reward them and other supporters greatly in return for their financial sacrifice each year for covering all expenses for every NAM family represented at the conference.
  • that individuals would feel a burden to give and contribute financially to support this great cause by helping to sponsor missionary attendees or to make a general event donation.
  • for Jimmy Toney, NAM Director, staff, and leadership, including all laborers involved in North American Missions. Pray that God’s blessings continually rest upon this ministry!
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer