ECHOgram for Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pray for the 2016 UPCI General Conference

The 2016 UPCI General Conference will convene September 27 – September 30, 2016 at theIndiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme is “FOLLOW.” We anticipate a dynamic conference with the Shekinah glory of God in our midst!
For the upcoming General Conference, a special day of prayer has been designated onWednesday, September 21 (UPCI World Day of Prayer) and special fasting designated on Tuesday, September 20 through Thursday, September 22. Please join with us in these three days of corporate fasting.
Please consider and complete one of the following types of fasts: The Normal Fast (Eliminating solid foods, but drinking only water or liquids for 3 days); The Daniel Fast (Intaking only vegetables and drinking liquids for 3 days); The Partial Fast (Fasting one or two meals a day for 3 days – may be suitable for those with medical conditions, children, as applicable, etc.). Please prepare, and then participate in this three-day fast, as led by the Spirit. Pastors and their church congregations are particularly urged to participate in this important consecration.
Special Pre-Service Prayer 
WNOP pre-service prayer, led by ministers and intercessors, will convene in the auditorium onTuesday (6:30 pm – 7:00 pm) and Wednesday through Friday (6:45 pm – 7:00 pm): A special prayer focus will be led by Raymond Woodward during prayer on Thursday, including the distribution of new prayer guides to the audience that are entitled, “GREATER WORKS.
Pray for:
  • David Bernard, General Superintendent, and Jerry Jones, General Secretary, and for all Assistant General Superintendents, Division Leaders, Directors, Coordinators, District Superintendents and Secretaries, administration, staff, leadership and the entire ministerial body and all churches of the UPCI. Pray for God’s purpose to be fulfilled.
  • the success of all business meetings, services, and events at General Conference. Pray God’s will be done in all decisions and He guides, blesses and uses the Ministry greatly.
  • God to continue to bless our organization with faithful laborers and with the finances and resources necessary to continue to further advance His kingdom.
  • the entire Body of Christ and for His divine plan to be wrought. Pray Spirit-led prayers.
  • ALL to go well with every aspect of General Conference. Pray for all speakers, musicians, singers, altar workers, greeters, conference workers, etc., and for everyone involved in the conference agenda. Pray that God would greatly anoint and use all.
  • the Word of God to go forth with power and authority and to be confirmed with signs following. Pray that God would perform healing, miracles, signs, and wonders.
  • God’s people worldwide to greater advocate and demonstrate in the name of Jesus. Pray for many people to be filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in the name of Jesus.
  • for an ultimate outcome of great revival, restoration, and harvest worldwide!
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer