ECHOgram for Tuesday, January 8, 2016

Prayer for Ministers and Leaders

Because of the Times conference is scheduled to convene January 19-21, 2016 at thePentecostals of Alexandria in Alexandria, LA, where Anthony Mangun and Terry Shock are pastors. The 2016 theme of the conference is It Is Time.” A “Talk 21” Session (Interactive dialogue regarding 21st century church ministry), as well as a “Preachers Kids” (PK) conference, will be held along with this event.
Prayer for our ministers and leaders and their families is vital, especially as they stand in the forefront and lead the way in the kingdom of God! The Bible exhorts us to consistently pray for those in authority (I Timothy 2:1-3). Please join with us in fervent prayer on behalf of this event and those in ministry and leadership!
  • that the Body of Christ embrace and act upon the theme “It Is Time,” as intended and stated on the BOTT advertisement.
  • for a mighty outpouring and liberty of the Spirit of God in this event, and that God would greater anoint and use our ministerial leadership in the fullness of the five-fold ministry.
  • that God would meet the needs of those in the ministry in all aspects, including spiritual, personal, family, ministry (specific direction/provisions), etc, as according to His purpose.
  • the whole armor of God upon each minister, and for a hedge of protection to abound.
  • that God would equip and anoint the ministry to do extraordinary works in His kingdom, to His glory, and they be endued with the fruit of the Spirit/the gifts of the Spirit.
  • that the Word of God go forth with power and authority and be confirmed with signs following. Pray that God gloriously would perform healing, miracles, signs, and wonders.
  • for God to send His angels to help the ministry, as they seek to fulfill His great plan.
  • that the blessings of God would rest upon those involved in ministerial work and upon those in attendance at this event, and that all go home with renewed vision and passion.
  • for the overall success of BOTT and for the speakers and all involved in the conference agenda, including musicians, singers, greeters, conference workers, and all others.
  • Spirit-led prayers, as you intercede for what God desires to accomplish in the life of every minister and leader, and their families, according to His divine and perfect will!  
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer