ECHOgram for Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Prayer for All Nations Sunday

ALL NATIONS SUNDAY is on the calendar to occur October 23, 2016. This day is highlighted annually, as we celebrate the many cultural and language groups in our communities. Everyone is urged to join churches around North America in inviting the many ethnic groups of your community to church for a time of celebration. This dynamic service unites communities and helps your church make connections with diverse cultures in your area. Please pray for the great success of “All Nations Sunday” in every participating church!
  • That the plan incorporated for “All Nations Sunday” will be effective and have successful results.
  • That the necessary finances be available so that Multicultural Ministries can continue to provide resources to help implement “All Nations Sunday” on the local church level.
  • That each church will fervently intercede, work, and believe God for a sovereign move of His Spirit.
  • That each member of the church team is prepared, trained, and equipped and will effectively fulfill their assigned roles.
  • That the church is mobilized into evangelism and every age group is involved in the various outreach efforts.
  • That the “All Nations Sunday” service will be impactful and that attendees will be greatly ministered to.
  • That many people of all nationalities experience salvation, being filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in the name of Jesus, etc.
  • That God’s Kingdom come and His will be done in every church on “All Nations Sunday”!
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer