ECHOgram for Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our Strong Foundation

We see an attack on the church continually by the world, trying to get worldly mindset and viewpoints to be accepted in the church and spread through the teachings and preaching of the church. This attack can be recognized and defeated by those who are spiritually in tune with the Holy Spirit.
Each of us need to make sure our foundation is rock solid in Jesus and His Word through a relationship with Jesus built on personal and biblical holiness. To put this in plain language, we need to be continually living a life as pleasing as we possibly can to God! It needs to be based on the Word of God and strengthened with daily prayer, praise, and worship times, as well as proper fasting.
  • Clarity and understanding of and in the Word of God.
  • The ability for God to talk to us, and that we will listen, receive, accept, and apply God’s instructions to our lives.
  • Strength and determination to set the proper example to others through a life-lived witness.
  • The desire to fulfill the right and holy things of the Lord.
  • Unity for the church in all these listed above.
Reverend Randy Owens
Bridgeton, Missouri