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In the Time of Trouble

“For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock” (Psalms 27:5).
David was called, “A man after God’s heart”, because God’s heart was to dwell with sinful humanity by offering him a redemptive intimate relationship. David sought after this heart by responding to this incomparable love, even in times of trouble. For in the times of trouble some people seek after many different alternatives to navigate themselves from their trouble. Yet, David sets his face like  flint in the time of trouble to seek God’s heart.
David describes this asylum of prayer in four ways (Amplified version):
  1. A shelter
  2. A secret place
  3. His tent
  4. High upon a rock
David knew in order to take care of his sheep and to exercise his military skills for conquering the land he must return to this kind of place every day. This was his secret we
  • He calls this place an impenetrable rock in a high place.
  • He was secured in the hour of great peril and inner anxieties.
  • This place kept him from the reach of his enemies who sought after him.
  • This place of prayer was an asylum or as Solomon called it in Song of Solomon a traveling car (Palanquin bed). It was surrounded by 60 soldiers to guard Solomon’s bride in the time of trouble.
The shelter, the secret place, the tent and rock of prayer delivers us from the evil of trouble but not always out of trouble itself. It is God’s intent to always reveal more of His infinite character and nature to us in the time of trouble itself (Psalms 25:14).
God uses the time of trouble to mature our love in Him and for Him so we can handle the kingdom business of soul winning with his heart and not our own. But this is so only if I retreat to this shelter and palanquin bed of prayer. David sought this place in the time of trouble for his sheep! He would calm his sheep in the time of trouble by taking them to this secret place.
David would sing to his sheep to comfort them and introduce them to the God of the secret place. He would defend them from the lions and bears and bring them to the place of safety.  This is what happens when we go and come out of the secret place of prayer. We bring those we disciple into this place in the time of shelter. So they may experience the God of the secret place for safety and revelation of the knowledge of His love for them!
How to pray:
  1. Help me Father to run into this secret place every day, especially in the time of trouble. Help me to seek You, not just in the time of trouble but just to acquire Your heart for me. To seek You to know You and become like You.
  2. I claim your grace to bring those I disciple into this secret place to encounter your infinite character and nature.
  3. Help me to depend on You and not the arms of my intellect, and competencies for daily decision making through this secret place in You.
Don Roger
Wisconsin District Prayer Coordinator