ECHOgram for Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I am Captured by Him

“Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister,
 my spouse; thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck” (Song of Solomon 4:9).
“Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou” (Eccelsiastes 8:4)?
Our call to love (WAR) begins with repentance. Our thinking must be right in order to repent and see results. For example, God is captured by you. This is what Song Of Solomon says. Do you feel that way about yourself?
You are attracted to God based on:
  1. His expensive death at Calvary. He purchased you. You belong to Him. And nothing can separate you from this love. It is with this mentality we seek Him in repentance. So when you approach Him with faith in HIS LOVE it provokes you to carry your own cross (1 Peter 4:1-4).
  2. You are attracted to God when you choose to think like Him (allowing His Word to override how you feel about yourself). All because you refuse to allow the condemnation of the enemy or others to rule your mind and emotions. For where the words of a King is there is power. This is referring to you choosing to think like God concerning how you are captured by His love. You ravish His heart. This is how the King thinks. Do you think this way towards yourself? If you don’t you will repent wrong! People who do not think like the King do penance and not repentance because they are not motivated by the faith IN HIS LOVE. They are trying to earn love through their repentance.  This is not thinking like the King. The King is ravished and captured by you. He paid an expensive price at Calvary for you. So when I think like the King I will repent with the King’s heart towards lost humanity.
  3. You are attracted to God when you come to Him in the self denial of your flesh in fasting. (Romans 8:32) This means you humble your attitude in the presence of worship and prayer. Psalm 51:17, and Isaiah 57:15. God is captured by His bride if she approaches Him with the faith in this kind of love. For faith worketh BY LOVE! You are His joy.
Thinking like the King caused Isaiah to seek winning souls in Isaiah 6. He saw the Lord high and lifted up. He humbled himself and attracted God’s voice towards him. The angel touched his lips. Isaiah sought now to go and win the lost from the attraction of the King towards him.


  1. Give the local church leadership quiet time to pursue the voice, and the presence of the King for empowerment of a King’s heart.
  2. Let the Spirit of repentance permeate in our local churches and homes deriving from the captured heart of God for His bride and not doing the penance of good works. So we can see the results of Your Word for repentance.
  3. Let the works meet for repentance from Acts 26:20 be manifested in our local church and with our leaders producing fresh liberty and joy in the worship services, the breaking of strongholds, healings and miracles, reconciliation with fellow saints, the renewing of holiness living, and the saving of souls.
D.L. Rogers
Wisconsin District Prayer Coordinator