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Covering Our Pastor’s Wives

While working at my desk the other day, I heard my husband encouraging a pastor over the phone. His wife was being attacked by someone she had been trying to give words of strength and direction to. Because they both felt  God had impressed them to do so, they could not understand why it was received in such a negative way. The pastor’s wife was devastated! This instance brought realization to me that our pastor’s wives are often being attacked. I feel led to pray for pastor’s wives to not grow weary in well doing. Will you join me this week praying not only for your pastor’s wife, but for all pastor’s wives across our fellowship?
  • our pastor’s wives will continue as servants in God’s kingdom
  • God’s protection upon their hearts and minds
  • for them to hear the voice of God and not be afraid to share it with others
  • for fresh anointing upon our Pastor’s wives
  • they will have a  passion to reach the lost
  • our pastor’s wives would have a hunger for spiritual gifts
  • for saints to be kind to the pastor’s wife
Pam Dobbs
Mississippi District Ladies Ministries