Appreciation Sunday – SEPTEMBER 10TH!


A key community outreach called Appreciation Sunday, launched by Building the Bridge and approved by the UPCI General Board, is in operation! The objective of this ministry is for churches to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate honorable occupational workers and their families in our communities annually. This year Appreciation Sunday will be held on September 10, 2017, and will focus on educators, both in the secular and Christian communities, along with their families. This initiative provides an opportunity for our educators to receive prayer and to experience the impact of the Word and the Spirit of God in a Pentecostal church environment.

A website,, may be accessed to provide information and downloadable resources to assist all who are interested in participating in this grand community outreach effort. Individuals and churches are ardently encouraged to pray, fast, and participate in this amazing “open door” to make an indelible dynamic impact in our communities.


The Vision. To launch an organized and unified community outreach effort, and mobilize churches across North America to participate in Appreciation Sunday. Pray that churches would be proactively involved in Appreciation Sunday and that the masses worldwide would render great advocacy and prayer support in commemoration of this day.

The Plan. On Appreciation Sunday, September 10, 2017 churches will honor the service and sacrifice of educators both in the secular and Christian communities, along with their families. Pray that churches purposefully execute and implement a comprehensive plan of action with fervency in prayer, in order to effectively host Appreciation Sunday.

The Mission. To positively impact the community, showing appreciation to educators nationwide who have touched the lives of millions of people. To fulfill the great commission, the apostolic church must purposely design and implement strategic programs that will affect the community that God has chosen for them to impact. Pray that churches accomplish this stated mission.

The Community. Building stronger community through appreciation and participation. Appreciation Sunday is about celebrating the people that defines the community.  This provides an opportunity to fulfill the great commission. Pray that each church reach out to their respective community. Pray for the greatest success of Appreciation Sunday in every church!

Flo Shaw
World Network of Prayer