ECHOgram for Tuesday, January 20, 2017

A Spirit-Led Prayer Guide

Romans 8:14 describes a life that is “Led by the Spirit”. Being Spirit-led requires the submission of our entire being. The following prayer guide is designed to give God access to every major element of our being. Use this guide to become more sensitive to the leading of the Spirit.
“Lord Jesus, I recognize that I am Your vessel and that I am not my own. I empty myself of every ungodly thing and ask You to fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I belong to You. Please use me for Your service.
I give You my….
     …eyes. Help me to see what You’d have me to see.
     …ears. Help me to hear what You’d have me to hear.
     …mind. Help me to know and perceive the things You’d have for me to understand.
     …mouth. Help me to say what You’d have me to say.
     …heart. Help me to love and receive the things You’d have for me to embrace.
     …hands. Help me to do what You’d have me to do.
     …feet. Help me to go where You’d have me to go.
     …being. Help me to be who You’d have me to be.
 Please help me to guard my….
     …eyes from seeing that which I shouldn’t.
     …ears from hearing what I need not hear.
     …mind from imagining what I should not imagine.
     …mouth from saying what I should not say.
     …heart from desiring what I should not desire.
     …hands from doing unholy things.
     …feet from stepping outside the paths You have ordered.
     …person from becoming that which is not pleasing to You.
Fill me with Your Spirit and lead me in every way I go. Every part of me belongs to You. Use me as You desire. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”
As you go through each step of this guide, consider ways to elaborate on each part. For example, as you pray for your heart, take time to forgive others, release bitterness, confess sins, or whatever else you need to do to ensure that your heart is pure. As you pray for your eyes, consider how you see others. Do you see them with the label society has placed upon them, or do you see them through eyes of compassion? Let each portion challenge you to become the holy vessel God created you to be.
Pastor Rick Lovall
Missouri District Prayer Coordinator