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A Refuse and Strength

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).
For the last week, most of our attention has been on South Texas and the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  Our hearts go out to those impacted by this life-altering hurricane that dumped upward of 50 inches of rain.  Many of our churches as well as an estimated 100,000 homes have been impacted.  Now, toxic water, mold and alligators are a few of the dangers greeting those in Texas who are trying to return to their flood-ravaged homes.  We can and must pray for those impacted.
Sadly, the same thing has been happening for weeks in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sierra Leone, but most of the world doesn’t even know.  Over 1,200 people have been killed due to the monsoon rains in South Asia.  Over 41 million people have suffered the impact of the rain and mudslides.  Crops have been destroyed, livelihoods have been lost. It is reported that 2/3 of the country of Bangladesh is under water.  Many of these areas are poverty stricken on a good day.  A disaster like this is beyond catastrophic.

Join me in praying for our world impacted by unprecedented flooding and mudslides – for those in South Texas as well as Asia and Africa.
  • for those who have lost friends and family to be comforted.
  • for God’s presence to be felt by those who are grieving, injured and have lost their homes and livelihoods.
  • for God to supply the needs of those in crisis.
  • for their to be kindness, care and concern and an outpouring of sacrificial giving to help those in dire need – in North America as well as Asia and Africa.
  • for those who are working so diligently to help others.  Ask God to give them the strength needed to do the task at hand and to keep them safe as they put themselves in harm’s way for others.
  • for the needed food, water and medical supplies to get to those who need it.
Lisa Marshall
Strategic Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer