ECHOgram for Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The 65th National Day of Prayer

The 65th annual National Day of Prayer is fast approaching and will be commemorated on Thursday, May 5, 2016, with the scriptural theme “Wake Up America” (Isaiah 58:1a). Pray for God to manifest healing and restoration among us as we come before His throne in humility and repentance! Let’s get involved in prayer to commemorate this day, along with millions of people who will join in prayer at thousands of events across America.

The Bible instructs us to pray for our national leaders. (I Timothy 2:1-2) So, please join in prayer with us and ask the Lord to “Wake up America”!

  • Pray for a great awakening to sweep across America and nations worldwide. Pray for great revival and that God “pour out His Spirit upon all flesh,” as His glory is revealed!
  • Intercede for our president and all governmental officials of America and other nations. Pray for the upcoming presidential elections and for all other governmental elections. Intercede that the candidates of God’s choice will be voted in to fill specific offices.
  • Supplicate for our present administration/current leaders from every rank – government officials on the national, state, and city levels. Supplicate for the seven centers of power: government, church, education, media, family, business, and military.
  • Ask God to pour out His Spirit upon our national leaders. Pray that their hearts and ears would be attentive to godly counsel. Intercede that they be just, and lead in the fear of God and surround themselves with good staff members and advisers.
  • Intercede that our leaders would allow God to guide them to lead America. Pray that in the midst of economic crisis and uncertainty that God’s wisdom and power would flow through them and that it would be displayed in their speech and their actions.
  • Petition for our federal judiciary leaders who value constitutional rights/religious liberties. Intercede that efforts and proposed legislation would not prosper that seek to remove our acknowledgement of God in our nation. Pray for the right Supreme Court Justice.
  • Render prayer for all spiritual leaders and churches. Pray each practice Godly principles; and have specific needs met, according to God’s will. Pray that God will help all leaders to fulfill His divine call with great success!

Flo Shaw
International Coordinator