Creative Prayer Idea


Praying with Stones

‘Cast your burdens on to Jesus because he cares for you’

When Jesus died on the cross, he took upon himself every wrongdoing of every man and woman.  He promised to forgive us if we put our trust in him.  Sometimes we can feel as if we are carrying around heavy burdens: these might be things that we have done wrong or perhaps people or situations about which we are concerned.  It can be helpful to use a visual aid to remind us that we can give our troubles to Jesus and he will take care of us.

I suggest that this prayer idea would work better as part of a service when several people could take part.

1) Place a large cross in the corner of a room / church building.

2) Invite people to select a stone from a pile. Ask them to take a moment to think about what burdens they might be carrying around inside themselves.

3) As they take the stone to place it at the foot of the cross they should be encouraged to pray that Jesus will be with them in that situation or even take the burden away completely