Creative Prayer Idea


Prayer in Six Directions

In an unhurried fashion, we greet the six directions in prayer.

East: We turn to the east and face the rising sun. God is praised for the gift of new life, of new days, of youth, of beginnings.
South: Turning towards the south, thanks are given for those people, events and things which warm our lives and help us to grow and develop.
West: The sun sets in the west, and so we praise God for sunsets, nights, for endings in our lives.
North: As we face the north, we remember the challenges and difficulties in life.
Down: Bending down to touch earth, we praise the Ceator for the things which sustain our lives.
Up: Finally, as we gaze into the sky, we thank God for our hopes and dreams. Centred in the Creator’s universe, we remember God’s mighty deeds in our lives and can thus move into the future.

– Adapted from Linda Jones