Creative Prayer Idea


Park and Pray

The objective of Park and Pray is quite simple. It is to help church families gain a perspective of the many needs that are in your area and then to pray that God will allow your church to become more effective in reaching out to the community where He has placed you.

Ask the questions, “What are the needs of this community? What could our church be doing that it is not currently doing?” The place to begin is by praying and seeking God’s direction in how you and your church can best meet these needs.

There is no one “right” way to implement the Park and Pray. Here is a suggested approach. The pastor could make a “guided prayer tour” cassette tape. On this tape, the pastor would encourage families to take a prayer journey in the family car. As the family pulls out of their driveway, the tape begins with the pastor sharing a few words of encouragement and instruction. Then the pastor will direct the family to go to several community landmarks. Once at the landmarks, the family is encouraged to Park and Pray. Some of the landmarks may be…
• Schools
• City Hall
• County Government Center
• Shopping Malls/Centers
• Your ideas…
• Have the family to stop at the church and pray that God will use them in greater ways in the coming years to truly reach out to your community.