Plowing Before the Planter – Missoula, Montana


Plowing Before the Planter

Missoula, Montana

Twenty-one intercessors from six different states, converged on Missoula, Montana this past weekend to plow in prayer before church planters, Cory and Susanna Gangle in prayer. From the opening prayer, until the final word, God’s power and anointing was present. Lives were changed, strongholds were broken, and the enemy’s territory was lessened in Missoula. Four received the Holy Ghost and one was baptized in the service on Sunday following the prayer walks.

Quotes from intercessors who attended:
What a humbling, awesome, powerful experience. Words cannot express the appreciation for all who sacrificed their time and finances to come and to God for meeting us and being so good. Thank you World Network of Prayer and North American Missions for your vision and burden. This will be a landmark for us and for Missoula.
~ Susanna Gangle, Pastor’s Wife of Rocky Mountain Worship Center, Missoula, Montana

The first full launch of “Plowing Before the Planter” event was phenomenal. Lisa Marshall was so in tune with the moving of the Spirit as her gentle spirit lead the event. We prayed, interceded, travailed, shared visions, and heard from God. There was a Spirit of unity that emminated in every session. The sweet aroma of His love was overwhelming. We plowed with prayer and fasting, and God gave the increase. Bondages were broken and souls were delivered.
~ Teresa Hogue, Rocky Mountain District Prayer Coordinator

In Missoula, we spent two days of prayer walking, prayer strategizing, focused prayer at the Missoula church (Rocky Mountain Worship Center), and personally ministering to Pastor and Sister Gangle. It was prophesied God would send the spoils of Egypt to the church there in Missoula. God’s divine, merciful, healing hand worked through the prayer team in a spectacular way. We rejoice for the four filled with the Holy Ghost on Sunday.

~ Reverend Don Rogers, Milwaukee Wisconsin

During the three days of PBTP, the Lord grew me as well as all of us at truly an astounding rate. A tremendously positive investment has been placed in the Missoula church, and will certainly affect the Rocky Mountain District as well. The two pastors that were there from the district were greatly excited and encouraged. It seemed like we, as a team, meshed together so completely that nothing could stand in the way of many wonderful things happening in the kingdom of God!! PBTP participant, Don Rogers preaching was EXACTLY what was needed for the tremendous move of God that happened Sunday morning. Any “Montana resistance” to submission to God and His Word literally melted away as Brother Rogers preached. Every obstacle was overcome and removed and besides the four that received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, many others found new ground to walk closer to, and with The Lord. I’m grateful for the godly leadership that Sister Marshall gave us, enabling the entire effort to move under the leadership of the Holy Ghost. Sorry, but I just cannot think of any suggestions to improve, except the reminder to us all to pray and seek The Lord’s guidance for future “Plowing Before The Planter” events.

~ Bob Reynolds, Austin, Texas

This weekend was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The unity was about as tight as you can get. It is awesome to me how a diverse group of people from all over the United States can come together with one heart, one mind and one purpose. Then to watch God mold them into a cohesive unit, was just incredible. I believe great things are in store for Missoula and the entire Rocky Mountain district. I am so honored and humbled to have been a part of it.

~ Michelle Cron, St. Petersburg, Florida

While we were going to help plow the field along side the Gangles, I left with my heart and soul renewed. I don’t know when I have ever been involved with such a mighty group of prayer warriors as were dispatched to Missoula; I was humbled to be a part of this pioneer project.

~ Sandra Shelton, St. Louis, Missouri

PBTP Missoula Montana: It was obvious from the first united prayer that this was a divine moment. l don’t think that I have ever experienced such perfect unity. What prevailed throughout the weekend was truly Apostolic “one mind and one accord”. The results of this “plowing” mission were immediate and long-reaching. Pastor Cory Gangles’ God given vision was strengthened and encouraged, local church members were refreshed and received tools to help the vision continue, and four people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in a powerful service on Sunday. The spiritual atmosphere in Missoula and the Rocky Mountain District is altered forever, and so are we.

~ JulieAnn Reynolds, Austin, Texas

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Plowing Before the Planter – Bristol, FL


Plowing Before the Planter – Bristol, FL

Upon our arrival in Bristol, October 1, 2015 we felt the oppression of the city as we drove in. Meeting the McKay’s was truly a blessing and as we talked about their ministry in Bristol our discernment was verified.
Brandon Childress (Section 3 WNOP leader) preached in Bristol the weekend prior to Plowing Before The Planter and 8 received the Holy Ghost and 3 were baptized. Also he was there to gain some insight about Bristol and to do territorial research.
It was exciting to see the church on the corner of main street in Bristol, what a great location. The church was connected to three other store fronts. Sharee McKay has opened a thrift store in one of them and uses this as a ministry to reach souls. She also goes into the prison located in Bristol to minister. Pastor James McKay is having faith to be able to buy the whole building in the near future and renovate it. God has given them a wonderful vision of how to reach the lost in their city. This was confirmed through a Prophecy Friday night in pre-service prayer.
Each PBTP is unique to each Church. This was a blessing to the Bristol congregation and leadership. We were thankful for over 26 people in attendance.
Sunday morning Pastor McKay baptized a man in Jesus’ name! More new visitors came and people who had not attended in awhile came back in the Sunday service. Pastor McKay said how he was so appreciative that PBTP came to Healing Ministries Apostolic Church and the city of Bristol, Florida. And that now they felt a freedom in the Spirit like never before in their city.
We are looking forward to hearing all the future testimonies of what God will continue to do in Bristol!
Pastor R. Phillip Hofstetter
Florida District WNOP Coordinator
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Plowing Before the Planter – Pleasanton, TX


Plowing Before the Planter – Pleasanton, TX

September 18, 2015, Eagle Ford Texas Section launched its first Plowing Before the Planter event with church planters Robert and Audra Moody.  There were 89 in attendance and the release of faith was evident at the outpouring of worship and prayer.
The group went through focused training and responded in prayer.  Time was spent at the church praying for the Moodys, the city and God’s will to be done in Pleasanton, Texas. Many lives were touched and transformed. The group also prayer walked throughout the city calling on God and speaking life and hope into the city.
 The following testimonies were given:
  • Friday night while kneeling to pray at the altar, I felt the altar and floor sway.  At first I thought it was me so I stood up, but then when I knelt again I felt it.  I feel like there’s sifting and change.
  • Saturday  morning while praying and laying hands on the map of Atascosa County – I felt like and earthquake was happening.  The ground started moving.  I moved my hand off of the map and it quit I put my hand back on the map and my feet and body felt like it was on shaking ground. 
We thank God for what was done in Pleasanton and believe for continued reports of the impact of the prayers prayed this weekend.
Esther Hunt
District Prayer Coordinator
South Texas District
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Plowing Before the Planter – Ansonia, CT


Plowing Before the Planter – Ansonia, CT

“Plowing Before the Planter” Success at Apostolic Refuge Tabernacle (ART)

The national “Plowing Before the Planter” event that transpired Friday, July 31 -Sunday, August 2, 2015 at Apostolic Refuge Tabernacle in Ansonia, CT with Church Planter, Doile (Violet) McKain was a great success! A total of 3 people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost! There was an overall attendance of more than 100 people participating in the 3-day event.
It was a great experience leading this PBTP event as I worked with Sis. Margaret Banks, PBTP Branch Coordinator/New York Metro District Prayer Coordinator, who assisted me, as well as with a great team of people from locally and abroad (NY, NJ, NH, TX, CT, VA, MD, etc.). The event began Friday morning at 10:00 am with training and prayer. It continued Friday evening with a service, including the CT District Superintendent, John Hanson, serving as the evening speaker. Other District leadership representation participated in the event as well.

God confirmed His Word for Connecticut overall (A significant vision─Living waters saturating Ansonia, Stratford, and all of Connecticut, and the downpour of the latter rain─and a scripture was shared about Connecticut that was quickened the previous week while in prayer/fasting for the event: “
And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” Isaiah 58:11). Little did we know that Bro. Hanson would share with the audience during preaching that the same thing about the spring of waters (watered garden) flowing through Connecticut was prophesied to the CT district a few years ago. Also, another intercessor, and both the pastor in Ansonia and Stratford, had the same witness or a similar Word spoken to them by the Lord about the downpour of latter rain and the land being saturated with water, representing revival and harvest. God is so amazing!! The church building was nearly full that Friday night! There was a powerful move of the Spirit, and 2 ladies received the baptism of the Holy Ghost!

The training and prayer continued Saturday morning, with a first-time visitor, who was a backslider, attending and receiving a mighty touch from God, and connected with the Church. Saturday also included prayer walks and drives in Ansonia and in Stratford, CT (representing two neighboring churches). Approximately 65-70 people overall participated in this prayer evangelism. The walk/drive concluded with corporate prayer at Town Hall in Stratford. Great victory followed!

The event continued with approximately 35 people in the Sunday morning service, including visitors. The morning speaker was Margaret Banks, with me conducting a mini presentation beforehand. Without sharing notes or conversation, the Lord had given us the same/similar thought/Word to share. The atmosphere was charged with the presence of God! In this service, one man received the baptism of the Holy Ghost!

The McKain family was overjoyed with all that transpired. Pastor McKain said their  Church would never be the same! Sis. McKain said that she and her husband wanted to be involved in as many PBTP events as they could to support other Church Planters, in expressing their gratitude as to how much this event has greatly helped them!

I give God the glory, and I thank NAM for partnering with WNOP to impact the Connecticut territory! I also thank all those who participated in this PBTP event to make it a success…resulting in a wonderful work of ART!
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer
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