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What Do We Pray About?

 If it hasn’t happened already, at some point in your prayer life you will likely struggle with the issue, “What do I pray about?” As a pastor, I have discovered that the issue isn’t that people won’t pray, the issue is them knowing what to pray about.

It is for this reason that WNOP has made readily available many prayer guides on various topics. If these prayer guides are made available to praying people, they will more than likely step up their prayer life.  (To see what guides are available, visit

Something we have done for years in my local church, is to follow  current news and discover the hotspots in the world. Then on Sunday morning during prayer , we put up a slide on the screens giving a visual image to the congregation as they pray. In the past we’ve shown Iraq and Syria at various times when ISIS was raging against Christians. The visual on the screen “brings it home” to us and encourages us to accept the responsibility to pray for our world.

Stretch your vision by praying far beyond your local community. Jesus said, “The field is the world.”  He further stated, “Lift up your eyes and look on the fields . . .”

Although some progress has been made, we are still praying fervently for North Korea and Kim Jung Un.  We often leave issues like North Korea up to the president and congress. We have been taught in America that international issues are for the government to negotiate.

But I ask you “who really has the power over nations?”  Can God change the hard heart of this ruthless man Kim Jung Un?  Do we really believe we have the power to pray for a change of heart in this man, or is it just easier to leave it up to the politicians?  Do we have a poor self-perception of just how important our prayers might be for the nations? Your prayers turn the hand that turns the universe. But if you perceive that your prayers are insignificant, you probably will not pray effectively.

Isaiah 40:15  “Behold the nations are but a drop of the bucket . . .“ World leaders are in God’s hands.  Psalms 75:6 “But God is the judge: He put down one, and sets up another.”

Let’s try it and see what God will do in response to his people concentrating prayer upon North Korea.  Let’s inundate and soak and saturate North Korea in prayer. Who knows?  It might be that God has reserved that nation for end-time massive revival,  25 million people with no church and no Sunday school is definitely something to pray about.

Bishop Thomas Suey
Herrick, Illinois