Refresh Your Prayer Life

The beginning of each year brings a desire for creating new goals and resetting our personal focus. New planners are filled in and churches and businesses hold planning sessions to determine what they will spend their effort and money on. It’s a reboot of our mind and resources. So too, we need a spiritual reboot of our prayer life. It’s easy to get caught up in routine that becomes monotonous rather than full of joy and excitement. Do we throw out the routines of prayer? Do we forget the prayer lists, and prayer meetings? Do we forgo the regular, personal prayer times we have each day? I don’t think we do. We simply need a balance.

There are fundamentals of prayer that work. We are human and we tend to forget things. So prayer lists work. Having a dedicated time with God each day keeps us in a spiritual rhythm and consistent. Prayer meetings bring us together in fellowship and help us achieve results as we pray in agreement. But prayer is meant to incorporate all of our life, and should also be spontaneous, and full of energy and excitement. After all, prayer at its root, is relationship. And relationship with someone you love is full of enjoyment.

As you start this new year, think about things you can do to refresh your prayer life. Consider going on a prayer walk, talking with God at times you never have before, creating your own worship song to sing to Him, create something special just for God, and so on. Effective prayer is not just left brained responses, in analytical formats. When we give all of ourselves to God, we use both sides of our brain…those analytical parts as well as the creative. As you get out of those mundane routines with God, you’ll find a new spark and a freshness that will bring you extreme joy. That joy will bleed into your words, your actions, and onto those around you. And more than anything, it will impact your God and change your prayer life!

Colleen Clabaugh