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Prayer Walking Basics

Prayer walking is praying on-site so we can pray with greater insight. There are three ways this is accomplished. First, as we observe things around us with our natural eyes, we see things we can pray about. This is called responsive insight. Second, we pray for the Spirit to open our understanding and spiritual senses so we can “see” what God sees and “hear” what God hears. As God shares this information He can also speak to us specific things to pray for. This is called revealed insight. Lastly, we can research the demographics and history of the area we will be praying in. History affects the future and can give us understanding of why things are the way they are in a specific area. This is called researched insight.

Here are some benefits  of prayer walking, as opposed to praying at home:


  • Praying in the very places in which we expect God to bring about the answers to our prayers.
  • Allowing sights, sounds, and smells to open our minds and hearts to the spiritual condition and needs of those we are praying for.


  • FOCUS: Taking NEW ground rather than defending OLD ground


  • Bringing OTHERS “close to God”
  • Praying about the needs of OTHERS rather than our needs.


  • We conquer fear/apathy regarding people/the community
  • We become sensitized to the REALITIES  of people/the community
  • Our heart gets connected TO people/the community
  • The “fragrance” of God is brought into the community
  • The “imprint” of God is left on the community
  • We gain insight regarding ways to serve the community
  • The kingdom of darkness is weakened throughout the community
  • The kingdom of god advances within the community

How to Prayer Walk


  • Research the community
  • Take care of personal sin
  • Praise, worship, Scripture reading to clear the mind and set the tone
  • Pray for spiritual protection (put on the Armor of God)
  • Pray that God would reveal the things that are on His heart


  • Form a team (for prayer agreement) – “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.”  —Matthew 18-19
  • Walk and pray:
    • With eyes “open” for insight
    • Following and building on a topic
    • With scripture
    • With relevance (what we seeand hear)
    • With faith (beyondwhat we see!)


  • Debrief as a group (record significant points for future prayer)
  • Report significant prayers, observations, insights
  • Consider points of obedience/action
  • Set plans for further preparation & prayer


  • For God’s “blessings” upon the community (our hopes for them)
  • That God would reveal Himself to these people and lift the darkness/deception to which they are subject
  • That God would reveal His goodness to these people
  • That God would destroy the works of Satan in their lives
  • That God would cause them to become dissatisfied with the ways they are seeking satisfaction in life
  •  That God would reveal to them their true spiritual condition and need
  • That God would draw them irresistibly to Himself
  • That God would convict them of their sin, His righteous standard, and the judgment to come
  • That God would reveal who He is and that only He can deliver from sin and its consequences
  • That God’s kingdom would come to this people/community as it is in Heaven, and that His will would be done


  • Don’t draw attention to yourself (“be on the scene, without making one”)
  • Don’t pray “against” the people or community (us against them attitude)
  • Don’t “confront” the powers of evil (to do so is to invite retaliation)

Adapted from PRAYERWALKING by Steve Hawthorne