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Outreach Prayer

A prayer guide

Put out an empty chair to represent your lost friends and neighbors.

Pray for any upcoming outreach meetings, that you would:

  • Have God’s heart and God’s vision for where to go and what to do
  • Have the resources you need to accomplish the mission (vans, people, finances, donations)
  • That you would make strong connections with hungry people

Use your body to represent prayer for the lost. Ask God to:

  • Touch their minds and give them revelation of their need for Him
  • Open their spiritual eyes to see the condition of their soul
  • Give them ears to hear and understand God’s truth
  • Give them hearts to believe and a desire to respond
  • Help them open their hands in surrender and worship unto Him
  • Direct their feet in the paths of righteousness and connect them with people who will witness to them

Use your body as you pray for yourself to reach to the lost. Ask God to:

  • Touch your mind – that you would have the mind and mission of Christ to reach whomever He leads you to
  • Give you eyes to see beyond circumstances and prejudgments
  • Give you ears to hear the true needs of those you encounter
  • Give you a heart of compassion that truly cares about others and a holy boldness to be a witness
  • Give you hands to serve
  • Direct your paths to someone you can connect with and invite to church, fellowship, or a home Bible study

Ask the Spirit to:

  • Set people free from spiritual captivity, breaking shackles of the enemy through healing and deliverance from bondages and traditions
  • Equip you and your church to know how to disciple new believers
  • Teach you how to pray in each situation you encounter

Lori Wagner
Michigan WNOP Prayer Coordinator