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Hands On: Do’s and Don’ts for Kids

We firmly believe that Holy Ghost filled children are empowered to lay hands on people to pray for them, just as you and I are. We typically teach them to pray for five different areas of needs:
1) Healing, 2) Anointing, 3) Needs, 4) Deliverance and 5) Salvation

  1. How do we pray for others? By putting our hand on the person.  We recommend touching them on the back, shoulder, arm or hand. If appropriate, the child may lay their hand on the area of pain if a person is struggling with pain.  As a child, they can pray for anyone.  As they get into their late teens and adulthood, we typically find it better for males to pray for males and females to pray for females.
  2. If the person is not physically present, a prayer cloth can be prayed over to send to them. For children, we use a prayer cloth that is a kid–friendly print or a Band-Aid.
  3. Pray using the L.A.B.B. Method. (See below)
  4. Lay your hand on them gently. Do not push on the person or move your hands around repeatedly. Gently place your hand on them and keep it still.
  5. Pray in the Name of Jesus.
  6. Pray the Word.
  7. Don’t get right in someone’s face.
  8. Don’t yell in the ears of those you are praying with.

L.A.B.B. Praying
(Listen, Ask, Build Faith, Be Bold)

The fact is, when children receive the Holy Ghost, they do not get a junior version.So if you and I can lay hands on people and they can be healed, then children can do the same. A tried and true method for teaching children to pray for someone is the LABB method.

 Step One: LISTEN

There are three ways to listen for an opportunity to pray for someone’s healing:

  1. by someone asking to be prayed for (a child has to listen/pay attention)
  2. by overhearing someone speak of a need for healing (hearing someone tell a friend about his/her ailment)
  3. by listening to the Holy Spirit as it leads (perhaps an impression or feeling that someone needs prayer).

Step Two: ASK

Teach children to always ask for permission before praying for anyone.

If they have been asked to pray for someone’s healing, they may need to ask exactly what to pray for (back pain, cancer, blind eyes, etc.).

They need to know what to specifically pray for.  They don’t want to pray for someone’s toe when it’s their back that hurts.

Ask, “Is it okay to pray for you”?  Then ask, “What exactly do you want me to pray for?”


This step is very important because it is the foundation of receiving the healing.

How do you build faith?

By relating a short testimony of how Jesus has answered a prayer for them or for someone they know or by quoting a scripture about healing.

“I know God can heal because I was sick one time and He healed me instantly”.
“I know God can heal because God healed my friend when they were sick”.
“I know God can heal because the Bible says he took stripes so we could have healing”.

After they have built faith, encourage children to ask this simple question: “Do you believe that when I pray for you, Jesus will hear me and heal you”?

If they are answered with a bold “YES”, then they should proceed with praying. If not, they are to continue to build faith until they feel led by the Holy Spirit to begin praying.

It’s not a bad idea to confirm this by asking the question again.

Step Four: BE BOLD

Bold praying does not necessarily equal loud praying. Bold praying is confident praying done in Jesus’ Name, using the word “NOW!”  This is a point in prayer where people are to take authority over the ailment or situation causing pain. Doing this generates expectancy. Rather than praying for someone later, or “hoping God will help” the person at some point, using NOW in the prayer shifts expectancy into the present When they are done, have them ask “Is your pain gone” or “do you feel the Lord has touched your body”?  If they answer “no”, pray again.  (Jesus did)


L – Listen
A – Ask
B – Build Faith
B – Be Bold

Contact us for our Hands-On Prayer curriculum and prayer helps to assist you in training your children in these areas.

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