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Easter Sunday Prayer Guide

In a poll recently with over 1,000 pastors, it was determined by a huge margin that Easter Sunday is by far the highest attended service of the year – more than Christmas and more than Mother’s Day.  Why not take time in the weeks prior to strategically pray over the Easter Sunday service?  Here are some prayer points to get you started.


  • each individual that attends the Easter service receives a revelation of who Jesus is.
  • each individual feels the depth of God’s great love He felt for humanity when He died for our sins and rose again.
  • for God’s anointing to cover each person in my church as the Word of God is preached.
  • Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection will come alive to both the church and those who are lost and need salvation.
  • the unsaved are convicted and realize their need for Him.
  • a resurrection and restoration of God’s love flows through the hearts of humanity.
  • the unsaved in attendance will desire to be set free from their sins.
  • for a resurrection of “Forgiveness” – forgiving others, and forgiving self.
  • for the unsaved to realize and receive the forgiving power of God.
  • each prodigal (backslider) sees and feels the “Love of God” as He beckons them to return to Him.
  • for a restoration of prodigals. Pray they feel God drawing them.
  • for a resurrection of God’s Word in the heart and minds of God’s people.
  • for the outreach efforts in reaching for souls.
  • many souls receive a revelation of the plan of salvation according to Acts 2:38.
  • for a remembrance of how Jesus was beaten for the healing of our bodies. (Isaiah 53:5)
  • for a spirit of sacrifice to prevail in our hearts and actions to give of our time, finances, and plans as we work for our Lord.
  • the “joy of the Lord” is renewed in the hearts and minds of God’s people.
  • for a restoration of prayer warriors and intercessors.
  • God takes His Liberty in every church and does ALL He desires to do.
  • many souls are filled with the Holy Ghost on Easter Sunday in our city and beyond.
  • triumph and victory prevails in the hearts of all because “He Lives!”
  • pray for a restoration in the hearts and minds of each individual that attends church on Easter Sunday.

Taken from a prayer focus by
Esther Hunt