Daily Prayer Doesn’t Have to Be Frustrating

We asked people in various places what their biggest struggles were with prayer. Many said simply… time. It can be difficult to find time to pray when they’re overwhelmed by an already full schedule. Some said praying spontaneously so they don’t get caught up in a boring routine. Others said developing their individual prayer style. And others said being effective in prayer.

What’s the answer to these dilemmas?

It’s actually relatively simple – pray every day, all throughout the day, and about everything.

“Really!” you say, with utter frustration. “I don’t have time to pray. Now you are telling me not only to pray, but pray all through my day, about everything? How is that an answer?”

Maybe that doesn’t sound like a good solution. But before you tell me you don’t have time or God isn’t interested in the small details of your life, let me point out a couple of things. Consistency matters. Praying a small amount daily is better for growth than several long prayer meetings a month. A few minutes a day can make a huge difference. Small conversations with God turn into deep ones. Consistent actions develop habits that turn into lifestyles. And praying throughout your day includes God in more of your life, making Him first rather than a fall-back option.

Prayer is not about everything being “super spiritual.” Nor is it about how many dedicated minutes you are praying. Prayer is about how much you are including God in your everyday life and partnering with Him to fulfill His plan through you. God is interested in all parts of your life, even the mundane and ordinary. The more you talk to God about all things, the more He becomes involved. He will not force Himself into your situations. However if you will invite Him – even if it’s just a few minutes here and there throughout your day – you will see Him more involved and He will show you things that will simply amaze you.

The rewards:

  1. Your prayer life improves because your relationship with God deepens.
  2. You stay motivated because prayer flows more easily.
  3. Those short, daily prayer times move you closer to your longer prayer time goal. Muscle memory takes over and prayer time becomes a natural part of your life.
  4. Prayer becomes a priority rather than something you try to fit in.
  5. You pray more effectively because You start feeling what’s on His heart.
  6. You pray more intuitively and responsively rather than consciously, becoming more Spirit-led.
  7. Your personal prayer style develops without you conforming to a specific routine.
  8. You enjoy your time with God and look forward to it rather than worry about fulfilling an obligation.
  9. Prayer is not an obligation at all, it becomes an amazing journey with your glorious God.
  10. You encourage others to develop their prayer life because you see the amazing results in your own.

Remember, prayer is not a strict regimen of rules we have to follow. It’s relationship. And all relationships take consistent time to develop, trust, and sharing. Make it your goal this year to not worry about the minutes you pray each day. Simply include God throughout your day or as often as you can, and include Him in everything. In the end, you’ll have a praying life you enjoy instead of praying moments you struggle to make it through.

Colleen Clabaugh