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Characteristics of a Christian

Prayer is primarily relational. As we spend time in prayer we learn the mind and heart of God. The things we learn about His character should become the traits we endeavor to develop in our own lives. This is pleasing to the Lord. In your devotions throughout the month, use the following to guide your prayers for developing Christ-like character.

Week 1 – How We Treat Others

Pray . . .

• Remind me that the way I treat others portrays my Christian values to them. 

• I will show tender-heartedness to others, like You have shown to me.

• You are a merciful God; I will show that same mercy to others. 

• I release any bitterness in my heart that causes me to not forgive.

• I will demonstrate to others that integrity is important to You and myself.

• Gossip tears down people; I will not allow myself to engage in hearsay.

Week 2 – The Condition of Your Heart 

Pray . . .

• As I study Your Word, reveal Your nature to me so I may better understand You.

• Make me aware of Satan’s attractions so I can keep myself far from them.

• Show me any hardness of my heart and I will seek Your help with humility.

• I will have a heart of thanksgiving, keeping an awareness of Your goodness.

• Your Words will live in my heart, and be revealed in my words and actions. 

Week 3 – Your Relationship with God

Pray . . .

• Show me any intimidation that causes me to have a weak testimony for You. 

• You desire to be with me, and I desire to be with You and learn Your ways.

• My heart is fully committed to You. Strengthen me in my time of need. 

• My loyalty is to You. Show me the things that draw me away from You. 

• Teach me to love the way You loved – to give freely to the point of self-sacrifice. 

• Reveal to me the things in life that really matter, so that I may seek after them.

Week 4 – Transformation

Pray . . .

• Open my spiritual eyes to understand the riches of Your Glory. 

• Help me understand Your Word so my mind is renewed and I’m transformed.

• Show me where I am not humble so I can repent and change my actions.

• Show me any pride that keeps me from seeing myself as You see me. 

• I will keep my mind on You, and thereby You will keep me in perfect peace. 

• My actions will reflect Your values and not the world’s.

Week 5 – The Power Within

Pray . . .

• Cause Your Word to reveal my sinful nature. 

• I will train my spirit to hear Your voice, and I will not hesitate to respond to You. 

• Show me how resist temptation that can cause me to sin.

• Through the power of Your Spirit in me, I will be a witness to others. 

• Stir up passion in me to preach and teach Your Word.


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