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Back to School Prayer Walk

The safety and welfare of students should not be the sole responsibility of teachers, parents, and security personnel. The prayers of God’s people (regardless if you have school-attending children) can change the atmosphere of an entire school. Countless testimonies have been shared over the years of churches who have held prayer walks at their local schools and college campuses and immediately results were seen. Crimes were stopped. Teachers turned to the Lord. Staff members who were contrary to God’s ways were replaced. Prayer makes a difference. Since our children and college students spend large portion of their life on campus, it makes sense to cover that campus with prayer.

Use the following guide on your own campus prayer walk. You can walk the school grounds and through the school and classrooms (with permission). You can also use this as a virtual prayer walk in your church or personal location of prayer.


Entire campus:

  • Protect the campus grounds from violence, disasters, drug dealers, and predators.
  • Place a burden in the hearts of area Christians to consistently pray over the school grounds and those who enter and exit.
  • Give police and security guards awareness of any criminal activity being attempted on the grounds and courage to confront it quickly.

Front entrance:

  • God, we pray for all who enter this place. We ask that this school be surrounded by Your presence.
  • God, we pray that all who enter here feel welcome, loved, and feel a sense of true belonging and  acceptance.
  • We pray for a hedge of protection around this place and for everyone to feel safe here.

Office staff and counselors:

  • Help the staff become aware of those who are in need of counsel. Give them spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear those who are crying out for help.
  • We pray that students have the courage to ask for help when they need it.
  • We pray the staff offers students and teachers encouragement throughout their day.
  • We pray that the staff be treated with gratitude and respect by all who enter.


  • Help students show kindness to those they pass in the hallways, offering their assistance and friendship to those in need.
  • Reveal any weapons, drugs, or other paraphernalia that may be stored in lockers.

Each individual classroom:

  • Lord, we pray for unity among the students in each classroom.
  • We pray for godly friendships to form and for each student in each class to feel a true sense of belonging in their class.
  • We pray there would be a strong representation of Christ’s love in each classroom.
  • Keep predators and those who plan harm from entering the room.
  • Protect those in each room from fires, storms, and disasters.

Gym/sport fields:

  • Help each coach to have wisdom in how to encourage and train their students to perform the best they can.
  • Remind the students to not disregard their school studies for the sake of sports. Send them a mentor to keep them focused and help them maintain their studies.
  • Help the students develop a true spirit of teamwork and not belittle their peers or seek superiority.
  • Help them stay humble in times of wins, and encouraged in times of loss.
  • Give students strength to turn away from performance-enhancing drugs and other substances that alter their natural abilities.


  • We pray for wisdom and discernment as (he/she) represents and leads this school.
  • God, we pray that you guide all decisions that need to be made and give (him/her) the wisdom to handle situations as they arise.
  • We pray a hedge of protection around (his/her) health and family.
  • Help him/her to live as a godly example before the staff and students.


  • We pray that each teacher will be filled with Your Spirit and live godly before their students.
  • We pray for passion to lead their class with wisdom and enthusiasm.
  • Give them guidance to teach in an interesting way that resonates with the students and fosters a lifelong love for learning.
  • We pray a hedge of protection around their health, home, and family.
  • Give them wisdom to provide encouragement to students who are struggling with difficulties.
  • We ask that each teacher’s goal be to gain access to the heart of each student, in order for their instruction to be well received.
  • God, we ask for you to be their comfort and refuge when they need relief from stress.
  • Guide them as develop patience and love as they teach these students.
  • We ask you to give them peace and strength to approach each day with joy as they deal with the demands of this incredibly important job.
  • Give them endurance for when the days get long and the work is hard.


  • We pray that each student grows in knowledge, faith, and wisdom.
  • We pray that this school is a safe place where they can thrive and develop meaningful relationships with teachers and friends.
  • Give students wisdom to know when they are being taught things that are contrary to Your Word, and help them stand strong in their faith.
  • Give them good rest at night so they can focus on their studies during the school day.
  • Help them discern when others are tempting them to do wrong, and remind them You are their strength to withstand the temptation.
  • Help them see and have compassion on those who are lonely and need a friend. Give them courage and boldness to initiate a friendship with them.
  • Give them strength and wisdom to know how to deal with bullies and who to turn to for help.
  • Keep them from injuries and protect them contagious sicknesses.
  • Help students have courage to talk to a trusted adult about problems they are facing.


  • Draw the families of each student to You, so their home is holy and has an atmosphere of peace and love.
  • Give parents wisdom in guiding their children through their school year, and through struggles that result from experiences throughout their day.
  • Help parents develop interest and responsibility in their child’s learning. Remind them to be patient, persistent, and encouraging.
  • Give strength to single parents to deal with the extra responsibilities at home as well as their children’s education.
  • Help parents and teachers to develop good relationships and communication.


Pray for others who are involved in the school and with the students in some format, such as:

  • Bus drivers
  • Traffic crossing guards
  • Coaches and their assistances
  • Security guards
  • Cafeteria staff
  • Substitute or temporary teachers and assistants
  • School nurse
  • Student resource officer
  • Parent/teacher organization
  • Janitorial staff
  • School board
  • After school group leaders
  • Vocational/off-campus teachers
  • Visiting instructors