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Back to School Prayer

Our children spend almost as much of their weekday lives in school than at home for nine months out of every year.  It is critical that we cover our children, their teachers and their schools in prayer. It is equally crucial that we stay involved and add action to our intercession.

What’s being taught, and the environment of the schools has a profound impact on our children. Many school boards are approving curriculum that often challenges the Word of God.  Parents are often left out of the loop and uninformed.

Teachers are the single most important adult influencers in our children’s lives outside of their families, simply because of the significant amount of time they will spend in the classroom together. The character and nature of those teachers and what they believe can profoundly impact our children.

We must pray.  While our children are away from us and outside of our care, our prayer covering will keep them safe.  Use this guide to pray daily.

  • Pray for the students from preschool to college. Pray that God will grant them a passion and grace to learn new things.
  • Believe that the Lord will place your child in the perfect classroom environment, whether public school, private school or homeschool.
  • Ask the Lord to give each student the right teachers for individual learning style and needs. Believe that God can line things up perfectly for all children, so that they might eventually find their destinies.
  • Pray for the teachers to have patience, grace, love for their students, and a love of teaching! Pray that their enthusiasm flows down to the students entrusted to them for this school year.
  • Lift the administrators of your local schools to the Lord. Pray the policies of your school district will not discriminate against Christian children and families. Pray children can pray freely and read and study the Bible openly without repercussions.
  • Ask God to close the door to anti-Christ and/or immoral philosophies and doctrines in your child’s school.
  • Ask the Lord to raise up more Christians as teachers and leaders in the education system and to remove those who are there to promote ungodliness sinful thinking.
  • Pray Psalm 91 over your schools and all that are within them daily.
  • Pray that bullying of any kind will be dealt with strongly and stopped immediately. Ask the Lord to raise up counselors in the schools who are equipped to provide compassion to bullied students, as well as anti-bullying education to the students and teachers.
  • Command that any plans in the darkness be exposed in Jesus’ Name. Ask the Lord to shine His light on anything in the works that could harm the students and others in the schools daily.
  • Ask the Lord to pour out His love and compassion on the schools and help cultivate an environment where learning is fun, challenging and safe on a day to day basis.