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30 Minute Prayer Pattern

Many people have a desire to pray, but have not yet achieved their goal of daily, consistent prayer.  For those who want to develop consistency, having a structure is one of the first steps in reaching your goal.  Here is a thirty minute prayer schedule to help you get started.  As you continue to pray, tweak the schedule to meet the natural gifting of prayer God has placed in you.  Please note, the more your pray, the more you pray.  So as you continue to follow this outline, you will find 30 minutes turning into 45 minutes and then to an hour and so on.

Praise and Worship (5 Minutes)

    • When you begin your time of prayer, start with praise and worship.  Put on your favorite worship song and spend time singing and worshipping God  (much like you do at the beginning of each church service you attend). God inhabits the praise of His people.  As you worship Him, He will come very near to you.

Bible Reading (5 Minutes)

    • Many want to hear from God, yet never open His Word during their time of prayer.  Take a few minutes and read through a chapter in Psalms or Proverbs.  Perhaps the Lord will quicken to your mind a specific chapter or verse to read.  Ask God to speak to you through His Word.  Ask Him to open your heart so the Word can penetrate your heart and mind.

Repentance (2 Minutes)

    • Have a time of repentance. Ask God to forgive you of anything you have done that displeased Him.  Ask if there is anyone you need to forgive. Ask Him to search your heart of any attitude and spirit not pleasing to Him.  Pray to have clean hands and a pure heart before Him.

Kingdom Praying (5 Minutes)

    • Spend time praying for the Kingdom and things that will matter for eternity.  Pray for worldwide revival and an outpouring of God’s Spirit on your city, district, nation and the world. Pray for churches of other denominations.  Pray for our missionaries and missionary helpers.  Pray for a great harvest of souls.  Pray for global needs such as an end to human trafficking, the AIDS epidemic, hunger, the need of clean water, and orphans.

Your Church (3 Minutes)

    • Pray for your local church.  Cover your pastor and his/her family in prayer. Pray for the various departments and their leaders.  Ask God to help your church reach into the community. Ask God to help your church members have compassion and a burden to reach the lost.

Your Family (3 Minutes)

    • Pray for you family’s needs. Pray for any who need salvation and those who are prodigals.  Ask God to save and restore them. Pray for any who have physical needs or struggle with any illness.  Ask God to strengthen your family ties so you may serve Him together.  Ask God to bring healing for any hurts that may be present.  Extend forgiveness where needed.

Listening (2 Minutes)

    • Prayer is communication with God (not me doing all the talking).  In communication, I talk to Him and then I listen for Him to speak to me.  Quiet your mind and your Spirit and ask God if He has anything to say to you.  Think on Him and listen for that still, small voice to speak.

Response (1 Minute)

    • Pray about whatever God has spoken to  you in your time of listening.  Write down what He speaks to you and make it a consistent part of your future prayers until you feel released from it.  If God doesn’t speak anything specific to you, use this time to thank Him for being a personal God who does speak.  Ask Him to fine-tune your ears to hear His voice and to close your ears to the voice of the enemy.

Praise (4 Minutes)

  • End your time of prayer with praise and thanksgiving. Praise God for all He has done for you and worship Him for who He is.  Thank Him for all that has been and will be accomplished from your time of prayer.  End your time of prayer invoking the beautiful Name of Jesus!


Lisa Marshall
WNOP Strategic Prayer Coordinator