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WNOP Prayer List

September 19- September 26, 2017


  • Cylinda Nickel, MK Ministries, remains in ICU.  Please pray for her continued recovery from a brain aneurism.
  • Gary, 48 years old, fell and broke both hips.Also, he has serious kidney problems and is on life support.
  • Sylvia had a stroke with bleeding on the brain.Pray for salvation and complete healing.
  • Montana is on fire and desperately needs help.Also, pray for rain.
  • California has dozens of major wildfires burning from Los Angeles to the Oregon border.
  • Chris, a Missionary’s son, is in ICU.
  • Joe’s organs are shutting down due to sepsis.


  • Kendra is having medical tests.Pray all the tests are normal.
  • Charlotte has fainting spells.She had to quit teaching because of this.
  • Chan, a young lady, is in the hospital and needs prayer.
  • Earline has a blockage.
  • Harry is scheduled for surgery.
  • Ralph is in the hospital with very high blood sugar.
  • Billie has a very bad infection which makes her run a high fever.
  • Mark is in pain from an abscessed tooth.
  • Joyce had a pace maker surgery.Pray the surgery is a success.
  • James has been under stress and has heart problems.


  • Debra has myeloid leukemia.
  • Tony has cancer in his body.


  • Pray for the restoration of God’s prodigals.


  • Pray that God opens revival, seminars, and conference doors for Oleg. Pray souls are saved and God provides every need.  Pray for protection.
  • Pray for Home Mission Churches, Foreign Mission Churches, and small churches. Also, cover the pastor of these churches in prayer.


  • Pray for pastors, ministers, and all Christians in unsafe countries who are persecuted.


  • Marie desires that God opens a door of employment for her at the United Nations.Also, she needs a financial blessing to purchase a home to care for her elderly mother.

Special Request:

  • Pray for the children held in bondage of sexual slavery in Foreign Countries and around the world.
  • Marie needs God’s help to be disciplined to reduce her weight.

Praise Report:

  • About 3 months ago Charles had a growth on his liver.He had a follow-up MRI last week and there was no sign of cancer.