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WNOP Prayer List

November 21 – 28, 2017


  • Pray for the tens of thousands of orphaned children living without the hope of ever being visited by their biological parents and no hope of having a permanent, safe, and loving family. Pray that God intervenes on behalf of the children. 
  • Benjamin has a tumor and is being flown back to the United States to see a neurosurgeon.  Please pray the doctors will know how to effectively treat it.


  • Lindsay has complications with her pregnancy. The unborn baby is having possible kidney problems.   Also, pray for peace for Lindsay.
  • Glen had a serious stroke. Pray for complete healing and restoration.
  • Lloyd has a clogged artery in his neck. He needs strength before surgery can be done.  Also, pray for his wife, Barbara, for strength.
  • Leona is in a rehabilitation facility and weighs only 55 pounds.The doctors do not give her long to live.
  • Francisco has severe congestion and a bad cough.
  • Rhonda has been on oxygen for several years. She is doing much better but needs complete healing.
  • Jeremiah needs complete healing and restoration for an urgent need.
  • Carol, Jeanette, Lou, Melba, Harry, Cindy, Guthrie, need healing in their bodies.
  • Selina needs urgent prayers for health problems.
  • Paul has trouble falling asleep at night. Pray that God gives him a good night’s sleep/rest each night.
  • Tammy has serious throat problems.
  • Carolyn has throat and lung problems.
  • Glenda has had a sore throat and breathing problems for several weeks.


  • Kay needs deliverance of lesbian spirit.
  • Martin needs deliverance form drug and alcohol problems.
  • Raymond, Kenneth, Scott, Leigh, Dawn and Jim need deliverance from smoking.


  • Pray for those who will experience their first holiday without a loved one who has passed.
  • Pray for the Jones family.  Their son was brutally murdered.

Praise Report: 

  • Trenton has autisms and is doing much better.Thank you for praying.   Continue to pray for complete healing.