WNOP Prayer List

Weekly Prayer List -March 21 – March 28, 2017 

WNOP Prayer List


  • Sidney, 16 years old, was involved in a serious car accident.  She is on a ventilator in critical condition in the Shock Trauma Center with bodily injuries.  Also, Sidney’s friend who was driving is also in critical condition.



  • Trenton, 15 years old, needs urgent prayer for complete healing and restoration.
  • Donald, a young man, has sleep apnea.
  • Kadie needs additional testing on her stomach.
  • Brenda has been diagnosed with ALS.  Also, prayfor her husband, Robbie, and family.
  • Beth has MS and needs healing.
  • John has COPD and need God’s healing touch.
  • Joseph is very sick and needs God’s Healing Touch.
  • Cathy is scheduled for cataract surgery.  Pray for a complete and quick recovery.
  • Alex is expecting a baby.  Pray that God keeps His Hand on Alex and she has a healthy baby.
  • Glenda has a bad sore throat and has been able to talk in 5 days.
  • Gene has serious hearing problems.  His hearing aids do not seem to help.
  • David had another surgery.  He needs a miraculous healing.
  • A few months back Tony was in a very serious car accident.  He was not expected to live.  He is out of the hospital but is facing possible amputation of his arm.
  • Carolyn fell and hurt her back.
  • Martha has serious stomach problems and is in severe pain at times.
  • Cliff has a malfunction in the heart valve that may require surgery.
  • Maria has a continuing cough and sudden tiredness.



  • Danny is dying of cancer.  He needs a miraculous healing.
  • “Sarah” had a cancer taken off her nose.  Pray for healing and restoration.
  • Gabe, a young man with small children, has serious cancer.  Pray for healing for Gabe and strength for his wife.



  • Cliff and Maria needs wisdom on whom to give priority in ministry as their list is growing.



  • Joe and Susan need prayer for their health and family matters.



  • Princess needs a financial blessing so she can travel to see her sick dad.
  • Denise needs God to open a door for her and for His will be done about a job opportunity. She needs strength and guidance in her life.
  • Glenda’s job is being discontinued.  Pray she gets to keep the one she has or gets a better job.


Special Request:

  • Jerry needs God to intervene in a situation that has been going on for 5 years.
  • Janet and her family are in urgent need of prayer.  God knows the need.


Praise Report:

  • Donnie was in a terrible automobile accident and broke his back.  He had no feeling in his legs.  The feeling in Donnie’s legs has returned and he will begin therapy.  The doctors say in six months he will be like he was before the accident.
  • Billie had a medical test for pain she has been having in her stomach.  The doctor found nothing to worry about.


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