WNOP Prayer List

Weekly Prayer List – January 24-31, 2017


  • Luanne is in ICU in a medically induced coma with cirrhosis of the liver.  The doctors have given her 50/50 chance to live.
  • Vicky is in the hospital and has been placed on Hospice.


  • Carol is experiencing complications in her pregnancy.
  • Marianne has been scheduled for surgery to remove tumors.
  • John had open heart surgery.  Pray that all goes well and God gives him a quick recovery.
  • Joel had a stroke.
  • “Jane” needs healing for her hearing and her health.
  • Cathy has a bronchial infection and has trouble breathing.
  • “Sarah” is in the hospital with chest pains, stomach pains, and liver issues.
  • “Sally” needs healing in her body.  Also, pray that God will supply her needs.
  • Fred fell and needs a healing touch from God.
  • “Kim” had a car accident.  She has a concussion and severe swelling.
  • Penny had a car accident.
  • Gary had an accident two years ago and still having problems.
  • Kadie is losing weight.  The doctors do not know why.
  • Gary needs a liver transplant.  He may need a pancreas transplant, also.
  • Rudy has serious stomach pain and is scheduled for a procedure.
  • Solomon had a heart stroke.  Pray for complete healing.



  • Martha has been diagnosed with cancer.  She made the decision to let God heal her and use only natural products while He is working with her body.  Pray for complete healing.
  • Betty has stage-four, inoperable cancer.
  • The following have cancer:  Vicki, John, Avery, Alex, Michael, Patty, Noel, Kenneth, Jacob, Marie, Karen, Sharon, Mitchell, Gary, Patrick, Warren, Nancy, Elizabeth.


  • Pray that God draws “Jane” to Him by His Spirit.  Pray that God gives her a deep desire to totally surrender to Him.
  • Pray that God will change the life of Joseph and restore him.
  • Shayna needs salvation and deliverance.
  • Olga needs salvation, healing, strength, and guidance.


  • Pray that God delivers Grace from the spiritual battle she has fought for many years.  Pray that God gives Grace strength and direction.  Pray for victory.
  • Rhonda needs deliverance from her past and suicide thoughts.


  • Pray that God will anoint and bless the ministry which God has sent “Ned”.


  • Pray that God touches “Ned’s” family with love, unity, wisdom, and the Holy Spirit to help them overcome and accomplish great things for God.


  • Pray that God protects Sim, a missionary, while he travels.  Also, pray for traveling mercies.
  • Pray that God places a hedge of protection around Vanessa and family and keeps them from harm.

Special Request:

  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania urgently needs prayer.
  • Pray that God helps, blesses, protects, and leads “Sue” and family in the time of uncertainty.  Also, pray that God fills them with His Spirit.
  • Della needs wisdom, guidance, and direction while taking care of someone that had an abusive past.


  • Pray for Ronnie’s family.  Ronnie passed away due to cancer.  Pray that God covers the wife and family with His comforting presence.
  • “John” passed and left a wife and children.  Pray that God comforts the family during this time of sorrow.

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