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WNOP Prayer List

March 27 – April 2, 2018


  • Jack, a minister has kidney failure and is on dialysis.
  • Branden, 14 years old, is scheduled to have open heart surgery in May. Also, pray that he receives the Holy Ghost.
  • Angie is in a wheel chair.
  • Allen was in a serious motorcycle accident a year ago. He needs complete healing and restoration.
  • Kendra fell down some stairs. Pray for a full recovery.
  • Candy has kidney stones.
  • John is very ill and needs healing.
  • Angela is physically ill and her heart is broken. She needs physical, emotional, and spiritual, healing and direction.
  • A large pipe fell on Dusty and broke his leg.
  • Felicia, a medical doctor, fell and hurt her right leg.
  • Dorothy needs God’s help in walking without a walker.
  • Kathleen has diverticulitis crisis together with fibromyalgia.
  • Glenda has blood in her eye. Pray the blood clears and her vision is restored completely.
  • Ronnie, a pastor, and Mark needs healing in their body.


  • Janice had cancer and another mass has been found. Also, she needs restored back to God.
  • Oscar has kidney cancer and is scheduled to have his kidney removed. Also, pray for his wife, Donna, for comfort and strength.
  • Jon, a minister, has stage-four cancer and has been given six months to live.


  • “Jane” is being tormented in the mind and needs deliverance.


  • Scott is in a dark place in his life. Pray that God floods Scott’s heart.


  • Pray for the relationships of Raquel, Daniel, Robby, and their spouse.
  • Pray for Doug and his family for strength and direction.
  • Annelisa and family have many needs. Pray that God takes care of the needs, gives, strength and salvation.


  • Pray that God opens the door for Arnold to purchase a car. 

Special Requests:

  • Pray that God blesses Kit and Ella in the lifelong marriage relationship they will be entering.
  • Pray that God lightens some of Daniel’s workload so he can spend time with his wife, Elva.
  • Brittany is in her 3rd year of college and has personal problems.


  • Sabrina’s dad passed away in November. Pray for comfort, peace, and strength for Sabrina’s mother.
  • Norm Paslay, Ohio District Superintendent, passed away. Pray for his wife, family, and church family.

Praise Report:

  • Gary is home from the hospital from back and spine surgery. He is doing well.  Thank you for praying. Continue to pray for complete recovery with no complications.
  • Robert is cancer free!