WNOP Prayer List

Weekly Prayer List -May 22-30, 2017 

WNOP Prayer List


  • Luther was thrown from the back of a truck and has brain damage.  The doctors removed bones on both sides of his brain because of swelling.
  • Ronnie is on kidney dialysis.  The dialysis is working very little.
  • Easter, an elder, fell and was on the floor for two days before they found her.  She is currently in ICU and is unresponsive.
  • David has a brain tumor and will undergo surgery next week.


  • Pray for Andrew and Dana.  Both young men have severe head injuries and in a Rehab.
  • “Jane” had emergency heart surgery.  Pray the surgery is successful.  Pray for complete healing and quick recovery.
  • “Sarah” had back surgery.  Pray for complete healing and quick recovery.
  • Tony fell down a flight of stairs.  Pray for complete healing and quick recovery from his injuries.
  • Ethel is facing possible amputation of her leg.
  • Reba, 82 years old, falls.  Pray she will be able to keep her balance so she won’t fall.
  • Alexandra has had a bad headache for two weeks.  The doctors cannot find out what is causing her headache.
  • Naomi has gout in her toe and is scheduled for outpatient surgery.
  • Jimmy had a stint put in his heart.  Pray for complete recovery.
  • Cindy had surgery and something went wrong.  She was rushed back to the hospital and is now in a wheel chair.
  • Barbara is in constant pain and suffers with anxiety and depression.
  • Angela fell and broke her tailbone.  She is in constant pain.
  • Lisa is recovering from surgery.


  • Keith, a minister, is in stage-four cancer.
  • Gary has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  He also has cancer cells on his lungs, liver, and kidneys.
  • Linda has been diagnosed with stage four cancer that is metastasizing quickly.
  • “Jane” has cancer and is losing the battle. Pray for a miracle healing.
  • Jerry has a malignant tumor in hisstomach.
  • Marcos is in the hospital with leukemia.
  • Mark has brain cancer and needs a miracle.
  • Betty has inoperable, stage-four cancer.
  • Mathiaz, 10 years old, is battling brain tumors and is scheduled for surgery.
  • Allan, 3 years old, has brain tumors and has seizures.


  • Joseph and Thangjahao need God to transform them physically, spiritually, and mentally.  Pray they have a close relationship with God.


  •          Rai and family have critical conditions.  Rai lost his memory.   Pray that God supplies Rai, children, and family with food, education, and all other needs.  Pray for healing for Rai.
  • Both Linda and Mark’s mothers are having surgery and they are 300 miles apart.  Pray that God keeps them safe in their travels.

Special Request:

  • Florita needs special prayer to be able to break through the rut she is in.
  • Sheril needs prayer for spiritual healing and physical healing.  Also, she needs afinancial blessing.

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