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WNOP Prayer List

June 12 – June 19, 2018


  • Brian was seriously hurt in a car accident and is on life support. He needs a miracle healing.
  • Wanda is in the hospital with a serious illness which involves her liver and kidneys. The doctors have given her a short time to live.
  • Jane is on life support. She needs a miracle.  Pray for God’s will.
  • Wendy is scheduled for surgery for a brain aneurysm.


  • Mildred had a mini stroke on each side of her brain. Medical tests are being done to check for blood clots.
  • Tommy had a heart attack.
  • Steve has pleural effusion with collapsing lung. He has progressively short of breath and chest pains.
  • Betty fell and on her way to the hospital.
  • Kendra has been sick for several months and the doctors cannot find out what is wrong. Also, pray for Tammy, her daughter.
  • Robin has Crohn’s and Parkinson’s diseases and is declining rapidly.
  • Glenda is very sick with allergies.
  • Terry is scheduled to have a complete knee replacement surgery.
  • Christina has an infection in her body.
  • “Darlene” is recovering from surgery.
  • LaRaya is battling Sickle Cell Disease. Also, pray for her dad, Darrell, and her brother, Uriah.
  • Ezekiel, 6 years old, has autism.
  • Manfred broke his femur.
  • Arturo has cataracts.
  • Kermit needs a miracle of healing and continued peace. He faces a difficult situation with his leg and wound healing.
  • Rachel was diagnosed with cerebral atrophy and has anxiety from this report.


  • Scott has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Please pray the treatment he is taking will be successful in fighting the cancer.
  • Grayson, 2 years old, had surgery to remove a tumor and cancer. Also, pray for his family.
  • Gloria is in the hospital with cancer and needs a miracle.
  • Tristen’s mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Tristen’s grandmother has been re-diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer.
  • Heather, 38 years old, has been diagnosed with leukemia.


  • John needs deliverance from alcohol and substance abuse. Also, he needs to come back to God.
  • Jane needs deliverance from generational curse. Pray for a renewing of the Holy Ghost.
  • Abby is addicted to drugs and alcohol. She needs deliverance.
  • Grace needs a breakthrough in a spiritual battle that has lasted for years.
  • Kimberly is addicted to drugs and alcohol. She is in denial.  Also, she needs deliverance and salvation. 


  • Tony quit coming to church. Pray for a renewing of the Spirit.
  • Pray that Aida returns to God. She needs healing in her mind and heart.  Also, pray for Sandro, her son, for strength.
  • Sherry desires that God restores her spiritually with the Holy Ghost. Also, pray for her daughter and family.
  • Pray for D.C., 13 years old, who was baptized.
  • Brandon, 10 years old, has no interest in God. He needs salvation.



  • Carla and her son are taking care of the son’s four children. There is a custody battle where the mother of the children is addicted.  Pray that God protects the children and God’s will is done.
  • Jerry and family have an urgent need.
  • D.H. and children has a special need.
  • Michael and family need healing, peace, and safety.
  • Joseph is going through a custody battle for his three children. Pray for peace, guidance, strength, and courage.  Pray for the will of God.


  • Jane needs job security. Also, pray that her contract on her living arrangement is renewed.
  • Judy, Verlin, and Brandon need a financial miracle.
  • Judy and Patti need a financial blessing since the passing of her husband.


  • Pray that God keeps a hedge of protection physically, emotionally, and spiritually around Patricia and her husband.
  • Robert needs God’s hedge of protection around his mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Special Requests:

  • Pray for Tamra. She has been missing for three weeks.
  • Pray the registration of schooling for Jane goes smoothly.
  • Justania is going through a difficult situation.
  • Shenade needs God’s help as she takes exams.

Praise Reports:

  • Charles is eating normally after three weeks of stomach problems.