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WNOP Prayer List

August 13 – August 20, 2018


  • Jawan, 32 years old with three small children, is in the hospital in a coma.
  • Kurt went into cardiogenic shock and is on a heart pump.  He has a 40% survival rate.  He needs a miracle.
  • John has been in a coma on life support for nine days.  The doctors are going to remove him from life support. He needs a miracle.
  • Karen, a young girl, was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago.  She went into remission but has a weaken immune system.  She is in ICU with a serious virus and pneumonia. Also, pray for her mother, Elizabeth.
  • George is in ICU with a brain infection which caused a stroke.
  • Rose is in ICU in a coma with a serious infection.
  • John is in a coma after collapsing and hitting his head, which caused a bleed on the brain.  His nerves have been damaged and he is paralyzed from the neck down.
  • Rana is in critical condition and needs a miracle.


  • Pray for Felipe’s twin sons who were born 3 months premature.
  • Vyanna, five years old, is in the hospital with a pulmonary infection.
  • James is scheduled to go to the hospital to see if he needs back surgery.
  • Carmen is in a wheelchair with Multiple Sclerosis.  He needs healing.
  • Tanya has complications from Crohn’s disease.
  • Barbara had knee surgery.  Pray the surgery is successful and God gives her a very quick recovery.  Also, pray that there are no complications with the recovery.
  • Fina is scheduled for gallbladder surgery.  During exams, she was found to have a pancreas tumor.
  • Arnita has very high blood sugar.
  • Audrey has been diagnosed with lupus.  Her white blood cell count is critically low.
  • Oscar is scheduled for surgery.  Also, pray for his daughter, Dina for strength.
  • Dee needs healing and God’s guidance for decisions they need to make.
  • Ashley, five months old, was born with a condition that causes developmental delays and is having problems with her breathing as well as other complications.
  • Paige, 21 years old, had a stroke.
  • Libby, 89 years old, has Alzheimer’s, lung problems, and other serious health issues.
  • AJ needs healing from coughing, breathing, and a sinus condition.
  • Joseph is in poor health and needs a healing touch from God.
  • John needs healing and help from the Lord.
  • Sam, nine years old, has fleeting paralysis on his cheeks.
  • Sarah is having medical tests done.
  • Vicki is in the hospital and needs healing.
  • Ruth has arthritis and diabetic neuropathy in her feet and legs.  Also, she has diverticulosis.  She is in pain and is trying to work to support her family.
  • Jeff has lupus.  Also, he had a heart attack.
  • Theresa had a stroke.  She needs healing and restoration.
  • May had successful back surgery bur is still in much pain.
  • Lori has damaged vertebrates in her neck and also suffers from vertigo.
  • Marsha has a congenital heart condition which is causing regressive weakening. She is facing a possible heart transplant.
  • Jean is hospitalized. She is no longer in ICU. Pray she will continue to strengthen. 


  • Laura, 17 years old, has brain cancer.  The doctors say there is nothing else that can be done.
  • Deedee has cancer and was taken to MD Anderson hospital.
  • Sherry is battling cancer.  She needs salvation and healing.
  • Paul was recently told he had cancer.  He has had a major battle.  He needs healing in his body and deliverance from suicidal thoughts.
  • Wanda has been diagnosed with cancer and has started chemo treatments.
  • Esther has been diagnosed with liver cancer.
  • Jane has leukemia.  Pray for healing and that God helps her through her therapy treatments.
  • Sherman has stage four cancer and has been given two months to live.
  • Toni is in the last stage of cancer.  She needs salvation and a miracle healing.
  • Tara, with five young children, has stage four cervical cancer.  Her blood is low, the treatments are not working, and her kidney is failing.
  • Both Jane and Sarah have colon cancer.
  • Jana, with young children, has a returning tumor in her head that cannot be surgically removed.
  • Sara has cancer and has been given four to six months to live.
  • Ricardo was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer.  Also, pray for the family.
  • Bob needs instant healing from cancer.
  • Thomas has stage four cancer.  Pray that God eases his suffering.  He needs healing.  Also, he needs salvation.
  • Paul had an MRI concerning cancer. The PSA was high and the prognosis looks grim. Pray for healing and that he draws nearer to the Lord.
  • Marvin is scheduled for cancer surgery.  Pray the surgery is successful.
  • Teena was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.
  • Lakshimi has had cancer surgery and is not doing well.



  • Bret was baptized in Jesus name, is addicted to drugs.
  • Rachel, a prodigal, needs restoration.
  • Steven was recently baptized and needs the Holy Ghost.
  • Steven and Landon, prodigals, need salvation.
  • Nathan and Joseph, prodigals, need to be delivered from sinful bondage and restored back to God.
  • Bret, Anne, Jan, Marie, Jon, Diana, Steven, Ayden, Anais, Audrey, John, Jeremy, and Joshua need salvation.
  • Pray for a restoration and spiritual healing of God’s prodigals.
  • Pray God gives strength to new converts.  They are John, Colin, Peter, Helen, Eugene, Aoife, Joyce and family, John, Joy and family, Noel, Nesheda and Christine.
  • Henry needs a spiritual and financial miracle.  Also, pray for healing in his family.
  • Ken needs salvation and a financial blessing.
  • Peggy is weak in her walk with God.  Pray that God gives her strength and also helps her to be organized.
  • Thineja needs salvation.
  • Vanessa needs revelation and salvation.
  • Patricia’s family need salvation.
  • John needs salvation.
  • Timothy needs revelation of Truth and salvation.


  • Sam needs delivered form drugs.
  • Frances needs deliverance from drugs.  Also, she needs healing for her mind and body.  She needs spiritual restoration.
  • Amber needs deliverance and protection from an abusive situation.  Also, she needs salvation.
  • There is a high volume of teenagers and young adults that are battling depression and having suicidal thoughts.
  • Shirley needs deliverance from depression.
  • Paul is requesting urgent prayer for strength to stay off drugs.  Also, pray for an increase in faith to the Lord.
  • Jonathan’s supervisor bullies and persecutes his Christian employees.  Pray that God softens his heart, his eyes are opened to the love of God, and salvation comes to him.
  • Shirley is sleep deprived to the point of exhaustion.  She is possibly depressed.
  • Jane needs deliverance from meth.
  • Sarah needs deliverance from alcohol.



  • Pray for baby Joy.  The courts will determine the custody for the baby.  Pray for the divine will of God.
  • Cheryl requests prayer for a family situation that involves Child Protective Services and the police.
  • Jerry and wife need healing in their marriage.
  • Robert, Ashley, and family need healing.
  • Anthony, Jessica, and Alex need healing in their home.


  • Kiandra and family are going through a big transition.
  • James and Heidi are newlyweds.  Pray that God strengthens their marriage.
  • Joelle and her husband need healing in the marriage relationship.


  • Pray for safe travels for Antoinette and family this week.
  • Emilio needs protection.  Also, pray that God’s will be done in his life.



  • James, a pastor, and his wife are in urgent financial need. They also need a place to live.
  • Wayne needs favor with prospective employers in hiring him for a job.  Also, he needs salvation.
  • Pray that John and Jane are able to get jobs and find a good place to live.
  • Raymond and family have a financial need.
  • Cindy has a financial need.
  • Jeremy and Starlett need salvation and also has a serious financial need.
  • Edmond has a financial need.
  • Wayne needs a job.  He also has anger issues.
  • Patricia’s has a serious financial need.


Special Request:

  • Merline and husband are in the process of moving to another State.  Pray the house they are presently in sells quickly.
  • Patrick is going to court about an immigration deportation issue.  Also, he needs salvation.
  • Heidi has a very important decision to make.  Pray that God leads her to make the decision of His choice.
  • Carolyn needs direction on which rehab to take her daughter to.  One daughter is on meth and the other daughter is on alcohol.
  • John has a court situation. Pray for God’s will to be done.


  • Pray for Sean and the family.  Both of Sean’s parents passed away.
  • Pray for the Weist family.  The grandmother had a stroke and passed away with her grandchildren present.
  • Pray for L.C. and family over the loss of their parents.
  • Pray for M.B. and family over the loss of their mother-in-law.
  • Pray for S.F. and family over the loss of their father.