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WNOP Prayer List

February 13 – 19, 2018


  • Marie is recovering from Lyme disease. She needs strength to be able to go back to work.
  • Ramsey, 11 years old, has an infection and his body is building up fluid.
  • Sammy is in the hospital after having attempting suicide.
  • Betty needs healing in her body.
  • Gloria is in the hospital with very high blood sugar. Also, she has advanced cancer.
  • Ruth is confined to a wheel chair.
  • Rhonda has difficulty getting enough oxygen. Also, she has trouble hearing.  She desires to be in church.
  • Marge is not getting enough oxygen which is caused by two vales in her heart.
  • Trenton has had a relapse and needs complete healing.
  • Ruth fell and is in a rehabilitation hospital.
  • Ruth is in a nursing facility and does not know most of her family or friends.
  • Amberly has a mouth injury.
  • Gerald is in the hospital with complications with his heart. Also, he is short of breath.
  • Many people are suffering from influenza.
  • Betty and Gary have an upper respiratory infection.
  • Tina is scheduled for surgery.
  • Tanya has been in the hospital. She is home but has very bad headaches, is weak, and has difficulty walking.
  • Germaine has crone’s disease.


  • Livie, 7 years old, was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma cancer. She had surgery to remove a large tumor from her lung.  She is not doing well.
  • Gloria has cancer and needs a miracle.
  • Alexander has cancer, a heart condition, and diabetes.
  • Kenneth has been diagnosed with stage-four cancer. 
  • Betty has stage-four inoperable cancer.


  • Annelisa is struggling with personal problems such as family needs and children’s needs.


  • Pray for prodigals.
  • John, Frank, Linda, Douglas, Paula, Chris, Lori, Cheryl, Ron, Dan, Leigh, Dawn, Harry, Gail, Sandra, Regina, Roger, Pam and Tony.


  • Serenitt, 15 years old, is being detained in a juvenile system. She needs deliverance and salvation.  Also, the mother needs strength, peace, wisdom, and guidance.
  • Pray for deliverance and breakthrough for Dee to return to loving Jesus. Also, pray that God gives her friends that have a good influence.

Special Requests:

  • Michael has a serious need that needs God’s help and intervention.