WNOP Prayer List

July 18 – July 25, 2017


  • Doug is scheduled for a 5-bypass open heart surgery.
  • G.W. has 100% blockage in his leg.After surgery he still has no blood flow.  He needs a miracle.
  • Mark’s mother is doing much better.Pray for complete healing and restoration.
  • Joseph, a minister, has emergency health problems and needs a miracle.
  • Trenton is doing better.Continue to pray for complete healing.  Thank you for praying.
  • Menae, 3 years old, has a cyst on her pancreas and is scheduled for a MRI.
  • Vincent has autism and has become so aggressive and had to be hospitalized.Pray for complete healing and that he gets to come home soon.
  • Jean has heart problems.
  • John is in constant pain.
  • “Joe” is in poor health and also needs comfort from his wife’s recent passing away.
  • Son has severe back problems and in severe pain.Reba, his wife, is under much stress.  Pray for their healing and restoration.
  • Charlotte had to quit teaching school because of fainting spells.
  • Bobby is in a cast from an injured finger.Pray for full restoration for his finger.
  • Meza needs prayer.She is going to the Emergency Room.
  • Pray that Carolyn has good health.
  • Sarah has pneumonia and is also scheduled for heart surgery.
  • Alex, a nurse, had a bad automobile accident.
  • “Jane” needs healing in her body from severe pain.


  • Guy is going to the doctor to see if he is cancer free.
  • Dennis is battling stage 4 cancer and has begun chemo again after having to stop due to an infection.
  • Anne has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Peggy has lung cancer.
  • Anita has breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body including her brain and spinal fluid.Pray that God relieves her of pain.  Also, pray that God’s peace covers her and her daughter.
  • Kathy has brain cancer.
  • Sherman has cancer.  It is in multiple locations.


  • Joseph needs salvation. 


  • Naomi requests prayer for a large evangelism and healing meeting. Also, pray that God supplies the financial needs for the meeting.


  • Chad needs urgent prayers for family problems.
  • There are situations in Ngam’s family that needs God to intervene.


  • Pray for Ariella and Isadora and the two sons.They will be traveling across several states in a 10-year old car.  Pray for protection and that the car gives them no trouble


  • Pray for the “Victorious Children’s Home” to be able to fund all their needs.
  • Sharon needs help with her new job.Her employer paid her much less than expected.
  • John needs a job closer to home.
  • Pray that Carolyn is re-elected as building administrator.She needs this job.


  • Pray that God comforts and blesses Kellie and family.The family has been through many difficult situations.  Pray for peace and His calmness.

Special Request:

  • Kendra is having problems at college because of things that hinders her concentration.
  • Pray that God gives Joseph wisdom and understanding.
  • Brandy is taking an exam for graduation from College to be a surgeon assistant.Pray that God sharpens her memory as she takes the exam.

Praise Report:

  • Hugh received the test results and he is cancer free!

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