Kingdom Praying

“God please help me. I need a financial blessing. Please help me get a better job with good benefits. I ask your intervention in this situation in my neighborhood. I need encouragement and direction. I need healing in my body. God bless my family. Help me be a witness.”

Sound familiar? How about this one?

“God I ask you to open doors for the Gospel to be spread all over the world. I ask you for a mighty outpouring of your Spirit on all flesh. I ask that doors open in countries with no established works. I ask that you send laborers forth to the fields which are ripe for harvest. I pray for a spirit of giving on your people to finance the sending of missionaries. Let there be victory over Satan’s kingdom. Break yokes of bondage that have people bound. Reveal Yourself in a mighty way to those of other religions. Let the powers of darkness be overcome by Your light.”

Which of these prayers do you identify with most? For many, a majority of their prayers are all centered around themselves. There is nothing wrong with praying for our own needs, however, Jesus taught us a better way to pray when He said, "thy kingdom come, thy will be done..."

Please use these resources to help you pray bigger, and more effective prayers that affect your world!

December 31, 2015

What is Kingdom Praying?

What is kingdom praying? Praying for things on the heart of Jesus. What are those things? We find them in His Word. In general, the root of kingdom prayer is the expansion of His kingdom. For example, we find that the number one prayer request of Jesus was for workers in the harvest (Matthew 9:37). What is kingdom praying? Kingdom praying is simply making kingdom prayers a priority during our daily times of communion with God. It is putting God’s work ahead of our own needs and desires consistently. Pray for the kingdom first? You are probably familiar with the verse […]
December 31, 2015

How Do I Learn to Pray Kingdom Prayers?

How do I learn to pray kingdom prayers? Practice. Following are ideas that may help you change your focus to make His kingdom your priority. Changing Your Focus Monday—Missionaries Cover missionaries with prayer. On this day, you can intercede for the needs and the requests of missionaries. You might want to consider adopting some missionaries and interceding for them and their work ( Tuesday—Nations Pray for the nations of the world. You might consider adopting a particular nation that you will pray for. You might consider praying for the nations in which the missionaries that you are praying for are serving. […]
December 31, 2015

Praying the Word for the Unreached World

Praying the Word for the Unreached World James G. Poitras William Carey, considered to be the father of modern missions, had an immense burden for the lost. As a young man, he worked in a shoe cobbler’s shop. He saved discarded bits and pieces of shoe leather and made a makeshift globe. He sketched in ink the outlines of the continents and various countries on his crude leather globe. Carey’s tears of intercession for the world literally blurred the outlines of the nations on his handmade globe. He became a missionary to India and changed the course of mission’s history […]