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How to Pray for an Hour

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How to Pray for an Hour

We often desire to develop a prayer discipline in our life but may struggle with knowing what to pray about longer than ten minutes. Though I do not believe God has time requirements with regard to prayer, I do believe that the more we pray, the more we get to know Him and the more we change our world as we co-labor with Him. The more we know Him, the more we can pray in His will and He can work through us.

If you desire to build your prayer time, here’s a way to help you. I have taken the Prayer Wheel prayer guide, and expounded slightly upon it to help bring some ideas to you to expand your prayer time easily into an hour.  One hour each day equates to more than six weeks a year. Using this guide of twelve prayer areas of only five minutes each, you can easily reach that hour mark and in the process, change yourself and your world. You can adjust the 5 minutes slots as needed.

“The greatest victories to the church of Christ or to the individual Christian are not those that are gained by talent or education, by wealth or the favour of men. They are victories that are gained in the audience chamber with God, when earnest, agonizing faith lays hold upon the mighty arm of power.” E. G. White.

1. PRAISE (5 minutes): Psalm 22:3; 63:3; Hebrews 13:15 – Begin your prayer with praise. Praise esteems God for His greatness and virtue, focuses on His nature, and builds our faith as we reflect on His goodness and faithfulness. You don’t have to thank Him for the same things or everything you can think of each day. Rather, consider taking one or two of His attributes and talk with Him about how they have affected your life, or the lives of others. Though we should develop a consistent habit of praise unto God, we don’t want to develop a rote method that becomes more rehearsed than meaningful. Praise is not a method to “sugar-talk” God into listening to us; it’s bringing our mind back to seeing WHO He is, regardless of what’s happening in our life.

2. FORGIVENESS (5 minutes): Matthew 6:14-15 – Nothing blocks your spiritual progress more fatally than an unforgiving spirit. Forgiveness is a complete pouring out and release of any negative feeling that might be held against another person, church, or group. It’s not holding a grudge, or desiring revenge. It’s easy for us to become bitter against someone who has hurt us, but remember that you have also hurt others, including God. We all need to receive forgiveness, and we all need to give forgiveness. Include both of these areas during this time. In addition, accept God’s forgiveness rather than holding onto your past mistakes. When God forgives, He releases, and we need to release ourselves as well. I’ve often prayed for those who were considered my enemies. As I have done that, I’ve seen those enemies and my situation change. There’s too much effort needed to maintain bitterness and strife.

3. CONFESSION (5 minutes): Psalm 139:23-24 Psalm 66:18 – If you hide sin in your heart God will not hear you. Repent of sin and you will clear the road for God to move. When there is nothing to hide or cause hesitation between you and God, you will be free to approach Him without fear and full of confidence. During this time, repent of things you have done that need addressed, but also ask God to show you anything else that He is not pleased with. Wait on Him and open your heart as He shares any issues with you. When He does, don’t revert to feeling condemned. Scripture tells us that God corrects those He loves. He desires to commune with you, so when He shares issues, realize that it’s His love, not Him condemning you for your faults.

4. PETITION (5 minutes): James 4:2-3; Matthew 6:9-13 – This aspect of prayer deals with our personal needs and desires. God is interested in our personal life. He’s interested in more than if we have a job, or good health. He also cares about our dreams, talents, and struggles. When I pray in this area, I talk to God about my frustrations, my thoughts, and things I’d like to do, even if they don’t seem “spiritual”. We need to remember that even the non-spiritual things of life can become spiritual when we bring God into them. When we make all of our lives spiritual, we’ll begin seeing God more involved. He won’t intrude where He’s not invited.

5. INTERCESSION (5 minutes): I Timothy 2:1-2; Matthew 9:37-38 – Intercession is prayer for others. This includes family, friends, our church, city, nation, and world. As you go through your week, write down issues that you hear about in these areas and pray over them during this time. Keep up with the news so you know what issues are happening in your world. Remember that God is bigger than your personal life. He cares about all nations. We co-labor with God to bring about His divine purposes when we pray, give, or go. Consider praying about missionaries, famines, natural disasters, wars, human trafficking. and so on. Try to feel what God would feel in these issues and pray accordingly. I also ask God what He wants prayed for. Sometimes He shares His heart with me about something that never crossed my mind.

6. READ THE BIBLE (5 minutes): II Timothy 3:16; Psalm 19:9 – Read the Bible during prayer. The Word is enlightening to the eyes, giving us direction, understanding, and revelation. It is the primary way that God speaks to us. Don’t rush through your reading. Read scripture slowly, thinking on what you are reading. When you get to a scripture that makes you pause or think, this may be God speaking to you. Reread it again, and ask God to reveal to you what He wants to share. Read scripture for your personal edification, but also be open to scriptures that you can share with others. God often speaks His Word through people to others who need to hear it. We are to be conduits of His truth, in kindness and grace. My bible is full of things I received from God as I read. I write them down in my bible, if possible, so I when I read that scripture later His Word is brought back to my mind again.

7. MEDITATION (5 minutes): Psalm 1:1-2; 46:10; 77:12 – Take time to “think on these things.” This works well right after reading scripture. Ask God to give you understanding of what you read, and believe that He will. You will not hear if you don’t have faith God will speak. You must be open and willing to listen. We have to hear with our ears, and with our heart. Write down scriptures that God is dealing with you about and keep going back to them in your prayer time. I have a notebook full of things God shares with me. Sometimes during my prayer time, I open that notebook and reread those things. Sometimes they speak to me anew, and other times they bring a wealth of thanksgiving as I see how His words affected my life.

8. THANKSGIVING (5 minutes): Philippians 4:6 – Spend time thanking God aloud for His provision and goodness to you. Even the smallest of things are miraculous when we see them as the goodness of God. Consider thanking Him for something  you don’t often thank Him for, such as your talents, His thoughts toward you, music, silence, flowers, etc. Sometimes I simply thank Him for coffee, because I really enjoy it. And when God answers prayer, it would be good to record those answers so we can review them later. Sometimes our life situations can seem hopeless, but when we think about what God has done, our faith builds again. God doesn’t change. He is able to do the impossible. It’s natural for our human mind to easily forget what He has done in the past, so journaling and reviewing those things keep our faith fresh.

9. PRAY THE WORD (5 minutes): Personally apply, out loud, the precepts of the Bible. Praying scripture is praying the Word and will of God. When you don’t know what to pray for in a situation, find a scripture and pray it. God will not go against His Word, and is faithful to do what He said He would do. Pray His promises over your life. When we live in obedience to His Word, His promises are sure for us. When we delight in Him and is His Word, He delights in us and is willing to bless us. I used to read my bible as a strict discipline, trying to hurry through my reading to check off another day. Now I read to simply know Him. It may be just a few scriptures, but even one scripture can bring revelation when you are truly searching to know Him.

10. SINGING (5 minutes): Psalm 100:2; Ephesians 5:19 – Singing refreshes the soul. It lifts our spirits, and causes praise to erupt. It releases emotions and gives us words to express what we are feeling. You can sing to God yourself, or sing along with a recorded song. God doesn’t care how you sound; to Him, your praise is always beautiful. Try singing in the Spirit, or writing your own song. I have several songs I’ve written that are mine and God’s alone. They will never be recorded or shared because they are for Him only. And sometimes, we simply need to listen because He may sing a song back to us.

11. LISTENING (5 minutes): I Kings 19:11-12; Psalm 46:10 – Prayer is not all talking to God. Prayer is also listening. Quiet your mind and silence your words, even if it feels awkward. Remember, you will not hear if you don’t have faith God will speak. And you cannot hear if you are doing all the talking. This is personal instruction time. When God shares things with you, consider writing down what He says in a journal. Review this often. If God speaks, it’s worth rereading again, just like scripture. And not everything God shares with you is for all the world to hear. Sometimes what God speaks to me is personal, and other times He speaks, I feel the need to share it with others. The more you listen, the more you will find Him speaking.

12. PRAISE (5 minutes): Matthew 6:13; Psalm 52:9 – Conclude every prayer with praise. It’s not hard to praise Him again after everything you’ve just experienced. When He reveals more of who He is, we can’t help but simply enjoy Him. We need time in our prayer hour to simply be with Him. To enjoy Him and to see Him in our everyday lives. When we do, we change. He no longer becomes a big God in the sky who might answer if we are good enough… He becomes personal – a loving father who delights in us, and we in Him.

Though this is a great guide to help you develop your prayer life, don’t feel you have to follow this every time. Allow God to guide you. Sometimes He will take you on a “field trip” and allow you to experience your prayer time in a  different way. But regardless of what method you use, enjoy Him. Get to know Him. The more you see His glory, the more you’ll want to be in His presence.

Colleen Clabaugh
World Network of Prayer

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Prayer for the 2017 UPCI General Conference

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Prayer for General Conference

I urge every minister and church to participate in focused prayer for the 2017 UPCI General Conference this month. Let’s seek the will of God for our business meeting, and let’s ask for a special anointing upon our seminars and services. As I explained in a previous news bulletin, I believe God is preparing and positioning us for unprecedented revival and growth. We need to  hear from God, and we need a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost.

The World Network of Prayer has designated a special time of fasting for September 19-21 and united prayer to observe the World Day of Prayer on September 20. Conference pre-service prayer will convene in the auditorium on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, September 26-29, 6:30-6:45 PM. On Friday, each attendee will receive a free prayer guide, “Pouring Out for the Outpouring,” with prayer led by Lee Stoneking and Joshua Herring. Please join us in prayer for “Greater” things that are yet to come!

Sincerely in Christ,
David K. Bernard
General Superintendent
United Pentecostal Church International

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Fishing with Jesus

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Fishing with Jesus

The New England Territory Summons (NETS) which occurred on August 24-26, 2017, in the Boston, Massachusetts area was a great success! The attendance was nearly400 people! Many people were healed and several received the Holy Ghost! The day services were held at Northshore Pentecostals (Pastor Fred and Heather Benkley) in Danvers, Massachusetts, and the night services were held at Holy Ghost Society Hall in Peabody, Massachusetts. Summons speakers included Jay Stirnemann, Chester Wright, Art Wilson, David Shatwell, Lee Stoneking  (Evening Evangelist), Flo Shaw (Keynote), and Lisa Marshall (Prayer). People came from throughout the New England area and across America.
At the NETS, lives were completely changed and many were lifted to a new dimension of the Spirit. There were sweeping moves of the Spirit of God in every service. The gifts of the Spirit also were in operation throughout this event. A great spirit of unity prevailed as leadership and laity gathered in one mind and one accord for the sake of kingdom revival and harvest. History was made for the first time since all four New England district superintendents attended and participated in this event!
Two prayer walks/drives occurred: One in Plymouth, led by Jay Stirnemann (MA/RI District Superintendent), and in Salem, led by Juli Jasinski (MA/RI District Prayer Coordinator).
At Plymouth Rock, Jay Stirnemann led in prayer for an awakening to repentance, an outpouring of the Spirit, laborers for the harvest, and a new work. At the Plymouth Monument, the Lord miraculously filled a man with the Holy Ghost as he lifted his hands and fell to the ground in the grass under the power of God, speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. He said this was the first time he ever had this experience! We all felt that this was an affirmation of God hearing the onsite prayers and the work that God will do in Plymouth!
At Salem, Juli Jasinski led in prayer for strongholds to be broken and the gateways of evil be shut down so that the forces of Satanism/witchcraft would not prevail. We also prayed that God would lose His light in the city to drive out darkness and that people would be set free. Approximately one year ago, the “Headquarters of Satan” (Satanic Temple) relocated there. The Lord sent Micheal the Archangel and a host of Angels to go before us in Salem. The mission that God desired there…was accomplished! There was great victory in the air! A witch came to the evening service to hinder/curse it, but God’s power prevailed, and she could not, and left!
On behalf of WNOP, I would like to personally thank all who worked and participated in this Summons to contribute to it being a great success! The photos and quotes below speak volumes in part of what we experienced from this spectacular event when we met at the NETS!
Flo Shaw
World Network of Prayer
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It’s a Small Big World

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 My favorite attraction at Disney World is “It’s a Small World”.  The theme song sticks in my mind as I have always loved visiting and learning about countries around the world.

In the last 20-30 years, international travel has become much more common.  Consequently, we have also seen the migrating of many people to other nations.  Many do this in hope of a better lifestyle and future for their families.  When people change geographical locations, they take with them their customs and familiar habits.
It has intrigued me to watch the evolving of international cuisine into a cross cultural industry.  Years ago, a British person would have never thought to put curry sauce on chips.  In Scotland, we would have never dreamed there would be haggis curry.  Tacos were for Mexicans and pizza and lasagne were Italian dishes.  Now we have taco pizza and taco lasagne.  Chinese curry is a popular dish.  Grocery stores have many international foods.

Whereas years ago, a trip to another country was a big adventure, today it is routine.  There are times my husband and I go to another country for one day which would’ve been unheard of years ago.

It used to be that communication with another country could take days or weeks.  Now, through social media, it can be instant.  Meetings and teaching sessions can take place through various technological means bringing people together from around the world.

Also, the church has become a place for many cultures to blend together.  It’s not uncommon to have dozens of nationalities in one church.
Indeed, it would seem the world has become smaller as so much is more easily accessible.  Everything from travel to food to international friends to teaching and business can be accommodated so quickly.  What once seemed so removed from us is now at our fingertips.  Has the world truly become smaller?  It would seem so when thinking of international accessibility.

However, in reality the world is just as big as it ever was.  There are more nations now than ever and more people live on planet earth than ever before.  Our task of reaching this world is as great as it’s ever been.  The challenges can seem insurmountable.

My heart is challenged to make good use of all the accessibility that I now have to nationsand people around the world and bring them the Gospel by every means possible.  You never know who might be reached by your witness and take it back to their own nation and spread the Gospel.  You never know what a positive impact can be made through technology.  It would be wonderful to see social media have more positive impact than negative.

I am challenged to allow the Lord to burden me more for needs around the world.  Whether it be through travel, the food I eat or the Home Bible Studies and Bible School lessons I teach via Skype or the people I meet in my church and in my city-I want to expand my ministry to reach around the world.

One of the best things I can do for the international community is broaden my vision of prayer.  I am not called to every place but I can allow a burden of prayer to grip me as I am exposed to the cultures of others.  There is no limit to what we can all accomplish through prayer and making ourselves available to be used anywhere by any means.  Our prayers can indeed impact nations as well as individuals.  When you read the news and learn of situations in other places, don’t just pass it off as having no value to you, but rather, make it a matter of prayer.  Do not underestimate the valuable effect of your prayers.  God’s love is truly displayed through your intercession for those you have never met but whom you choose to care deeply about.

May we all be challenged to do our part in reaching this small, BIG world!

Jerolyn Kelley, Missionary
United Kingdom, Ireland and Channel Islands

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